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Five Fun Facts About Yoo Seung Ho

BY Julie Jones | Feb 09, 2016 08:45 AM EST


Yoo Seung Ho is the charismatic star of the courtroom drama "Remember." In that legal thriller he plays an attorney who wants to prove his father's innocence before he loses his memory. He also recently appeared in the film "The Joseon Magician," playing a magician who captures the heart of a princess. And his next film project will be "Kim Seon Dal," playing a Joseon era con man.

The 22-year-old actor has been acting since he was six and his career shows no signs of slowing down. Here are a few more things you may want to know about him

1.He made his debut in a commercial for cellphones. The ad campaign asked people to submit photos because they wanted a new face. Yoo's mom sent in her six-year-old son's picture and he was cast. A year later he began appearing in dramas. His first adult role was in the 2010 drama "Flames of Desire," playing a chaebol who was not ambitious and instead marries at 21.

2. Despite offers from several universities, he decided to forego college to pursue acting. Then he enlisted. All able-bodied Korean men must serve two years of mandatory military duty between the years of 18 to 35, but most actors wait until they are older and have established a career. Yoo enlisted before turning 20

"You have to go the military at some point so, I thought that it would be a good idea to go and I also thought that it could be fun as well," he said in an interview with Section TV. "Once I got into the military then I saw some men with the red caps on, you know those assistant instructors. The moment I saw those guys I said to myself, "Ahhh... I don't think this is what I was thinking of."

But despite his fears, he did so well in basic training that he went on to serve as an assistant instructor. On the day of his discharge he cried because of all that happened and those he left behind.  

"I shared so many memories with those guys."

3. Even before enlisting his idea of a fun vacation was backpacking. In an interview with Grazia magazine, he spoke about potential backpacking plans.

"I don't need anything luxurious or comfortable for my trip," said Yoo. "A backpack is the only thing I need. Actually before I entered into the military service, I went to Jeju island with my close friends. We rented scooters and rode around there, which gave me a lot of opportunities to think. It was raining and cold there, but we had not decided where to stay. That was a tough trip, but for me, it was fun time with close friends."

4. He shared one of his first post-military-service interviews with actress Park Shin Hye. In that KBS World interview she declared that she wanted to be his co-star in the future. The actors previously co-starred in a music video for rapper-actor So Ji Sub. And they did a promotional campaign together for Lotte. Park joked that Yoo used to call her his ideal type but that he had since switched to IU. Yoo and IU did a photoshoot together in 2012.

5. He's still young but he knows who he wants to marry.

"I would prefer someone who is around my age," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen. "A four year age difference is ideal."

And she should ideally be a non-celebrity.

"I like women who look innocent," said Yoo. "My ideal type has changed since I returned from the army. I like women who have long, wavy hair."

During the KBS interview with Park Shin Hye, he also described his ideal woman as wearing dark colors, loving animals and carrying books. But he's in no hurry to get married and his acting schedule is busier than it was before he enlisted.

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