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Kim Bum To Play A Vicious Loan Shark In 'Mrs. Cop 2'

BY Julie Jones | Feb 12, 2016 09:23 AM EST


After playing a hard-hitting detective in "Hidden Identity," Kim Bum is going to try his hand at playing a bad guy.

The 26-year-old actor has been cast in the sequel to "Mrs. Cop," titled "Mrs. Cop 2."

Kim Bum will play Lee Ro Joon, a company CEO, but since his company engages in some shady loan practices, he's really just an aggressive loan shark. He's smart, handsome and charming, but he's also evil.

Kim's role as homicide detective in "Hidden Identity" was already something of a departure from his previous nice guy roles in "Padam Padam," "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" and "Boys Over Flowers." He was a con man in :"That Winter The Wind Blows" but a nice one. Now, according to the Korean media outlet enewstoday, Kim is ready to take on a bad guy role.

The publication quoted a representative of the drama, saying that the actor will undergo a complete transformation to play bad guy Lee Ro Joon.

"It will be interesting to see how he matches up with Kim Sung Ryung's character Go Yoon Jung and her team."

Kim Sung Ryung of "The Heirs," "Yawang" and "Queen's Flower,"  plays a beautiful female detective who heads a violent crimes unit. The first "Mrs. Cop" starred Kim Hee Ae as a woman who tried to balance police work with motherhood." In the sequel Kim Hee Ae's character takes a leave of absence from work and Go Yoon Jung replaces her. Go encounters a murder case much like one that she failed to solve six years earlier.

The only cast member held over from the first "Mrs. Cop," is Kim Min Jong, who plays a section head. The drama also stars 2AM's Im Seul Ong, who appeared in "Ho Gu's Love" and singer-actress Son Dam Bi, who appeared in "What's With This Family." Im and Son play junior police officers. They will help Go Yoon Jung take down the bad guy played by Kim Bum.

The weekend drama airs on March 5 after the end of "I Have A Lover."

How do you feel about Kim Bum playing a bad guy? Time for him to expand his repertoire? Or not believable, given his previous nice guy roles?

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