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Six Time Travel Dramas To Get You Through The Next Six Months

BY Julie Jones | Feb 12, 2016 11:24 AM EST


It's more than six months until viewers can see Lee Jun Ki, IU and Kang Ha Neul in the time travel drama "Moon Lovers." The drama will be completely produced before it is aired.

IU plays Han Soo, a modern woman who finds herself back in the Goryeo Dynasty. She finds herself transported to a Goryeo palace full of princes. Lee Jun Ki plays the fourth imperial prince Wang So. Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo all play princes. With so many handsome princes in one palace, there is sure to be rivalry of some kind.

There's nothing quite like a time travel romance and six months is a long time to wait. But there's no need for time travel romance lovers to be bored in the meantime. While waiting for "Moon Lovers," there are a few other time travel dramas you could watch. Each of these dramas adds romance to the fantasy mix.

Queen Inhyun's Man

Yoo In Na, currently starring in "One More Happy Ending," plays an actress who is playing the famous real-life Queen In Hyun. Ji Hyun Woo plays the loyal champion of the real Queen Inhyun but somehow he winds up in the present day. He discovers the best of the modern world, including falling for Yoo In Na but he must return to his time to fulfill his duty to the real queen.

Faith: The Great Doctor

Goryeo age warrior Lee Min Ho is sent on a mission through a mystical cave to bring back a great healer. What he finds is a celebrity plastic surgeon played by Kim Hee Sun. She's a reluctant visitor to the past until she falls in love with the warrior who kidnapped her.

Rooftop Prince

Park Yoo Chun plays a prince who has been misled by his princess. When his modern-day reincarnation goes missing and it looks as if his princess has been killed, time shifts and he finds himself in Han Ji Min rooftop house, completely unequipped to live in the modern world.

Splash, Splash Love

Short but sweet, this two-episode drama stars Kim Seul Gi as an indifferent student sent back to the Joseon era. She may not be up to speed in her high school but her basic knowledge of math and science makes her a superstar in the past. She helps shape the future of her nation.

Nine: Nine Time Travels

This is the only non historical drama on the list as Lee Jin Wook's character only travels a few decades into the past. He wants desperately to right the wrong done to his family but in doing so he jeopardizes the love of his life. He must return again and again to set things right. Stay tuned for the final credits of this clever drama. There's an alternate ending that ties into the beginning.

By the time you've seen the existing time travel dramas, it will be time for "Moon Lovers." Enjoy!

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