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Five K-Dramas In Which Characters Switch Bodies

BY Julie Jones | Feb 22, 2016 02:06 PM EST


There's quite a mix of body swapping planned for "Please Come Back Mister" but it won't be the first drama to make such switches. Let's see how the upcoming drama matches up with other body swap stories

"Please Come Back Mister"

The drama, starring Rain, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Min Jung, features both body and gender swapping. Based on a Japanese novel 'Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan," it's a story about individuals who are given a second provisional chance to make things right.

The drama features two body swaps. There's a man, who worked himself to death, played by Kim In Kwon. Upon his death he temporarily returns in the body of a more attractive man, played by Rain. Oh Yeon Seo's character is a beautiful woman but her body is actually possessed by the spirit of a tough guy, played by Kim Soo Ro. In an interview with the Korean media outlet OSEN, Oh said, described her role as a complicated one with lots of comic possibilities.

"I am not just a man dressed up as a woman but a woman with the soul of a man," she said.

The two souls who get a second chance cannot reveal their true identifies, act in revenge or engage in human affairs. Or their second chance evaporates.

"Secret Garden"

Another example of a body-swapping, gender-swapping drama is "Secret Garden." The characters played by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin are dating when some magic mixes up their spirits and bodies. It's not the most comfortable dating situation. And it's not merely a question of getting used to different body parts or the embarrassment of that special someone seeing you at your naked worst. She's a stuntwoman and he's not even adept at somersaults. The swap could sideline her career


"Please Come Back Mister" is not Lee Min Jung's first body swap drama. She also appeared in "Big." And she was dating a man in another body. Her character was engaged to Gong Yoo's character and they were on course for wedding bells. A month before the wedding, she meets a transfer student from the U.S., played by Shin Won Ho. He and Gong Yoo's character get into a car accident. Shin Won Ho's character winds up in Gong Yoo's body, while his body remains in a coma.  So, the man Lee Min Jung's character is about to marry is really an 18-year-old student. Who does she love exactly?

"49 Days"

Shin Ji Hyun, played by Nam Gyu Ri, has it all, wealthy parents, friends, friends and a fiance, played by Bae Soo Bin. Song Yi Kyung, played by Lee Yo Won, has very little. She's brokenhearted about her boyfriend's recent death and considers suicide.  The attempt to prevent her suicide causes a car accident that sends Shin Ji Hyun into a coma and into Song Yi Kyung's  body for 49 days. Shin is given a chance to recover from her coma by gathering three teardrops of pure love from people who are not related to her. But it's not as easy as she thinks it is.

"Please Come Back Soon Ae"

In this 2006 drama,  two women, played by Shim Hye Jin and Park Jin Hee, switch bodies. Heo Soon Ae is a 40-year-old homemaker devoted to her pilot husband, who she discovers has been cheating on her with a 28-year-old flight attendant, Han Cho Eun. The women drive to the airport where they plan to ask Soon Ae's husband who he wants to be with. Because of a supernatural plot twist they swap bodies. Since they can't swap back, they literally have to walk a mile in each other's shoes.

What do you think of body swap dramas? Like them or loathe them?

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