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Please Come Back Mister
Feb 22, 2016 02:06 PM EST
Five K-Dramas In Which Characters Switch Bodies
There's quite a mix of body swapping planned for "Please Come Back Mister" but it won't be the first drama to make such switches.
Hyun Bin
Feb 04, 2016 08:05 AM EST
Which K-Drama Actors Should You Bring Home To Mom And Dad?
You might want to date any number of actors, but which ones would you bring home to a family dinner.
Hyun Bin
Jan 15, 2016 12:33 PM EST
Hyun Bin To Form New Agency With Acting Teacher
His contract with his last agency O& Entertainment expired at the end of December 2015.
Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won
Dec 29, 2015 09:27 AM EST
Five K-Dramas In Which A Character Inhabited Another Body
In these dramas characters either take over an existing body, swap bodies or get a second chance in a younger body.
Hyun Bin is currently negotiating his contract, but he denies claims that he received numerous offers from China.
Nov 21, 2015 10:29 PM EST
Hyun Bin Denies Chinese Contract Rumors
Hyun Bin confirms that he is still negotiating his contract while denying rumors that he received offers from Chinese agencies.
Nov 16, 2015 08:45 AM EST
Yoona Joins Hyun Bin In His New Action Thriller
It’s a film about an unprecedented joint investigation conducted by both North and South Korean detectives.
Hwang Jung Eum
Oct 28, 2015 12:00 PM EDT
Six Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Dramas
Looking for an original Halloween costume idea this year? Let k-dramas inspire you.
Hyun Bin
Sep 22, 2015 08:32 AM EDT
Hyun Bin Chooses His Next Film Project
He will star in a new action film titled "Cooperation."
Kim Soo Hyun
Sep 04, 2015 08:08 AM EDT
Which K-Drama Actors Earn The Most Money?
Not only do these actors earn money from their drama roles, but they also make money with fan meetings and endorsements.
Kim So Eun
Sep 01, 2015 11:46 AM EDT
Wishing These K-Drama Stars A Special Birthday
It’s only the first day of September so you still have a few days to prepare for the birthdays of some of your favorite k-drama stars. Here’s what the stars celebrating birthdays have been up to.
Hyun Bin
Jun 15, 2015 08:35 AM EDT
Hyun Bin Is Considering A Military Role
What’s next for actor Hyun Bin? It may be a Hollywood film focusing on the American five-star general Douglas MacArthur, who played a prominent role in the Korean War.
Song Jae Rim
Jun 07, 2015 02:01 PM EDT
12 Hot K-Drama Stars Who Are 30 And Over
Song Jae Rim, Namgoong Min and Gu Hye Sun are included on this list of hot K-Drama stars.
Kim Ok Bin and Lee Hee Joon
May 28, 2015 08:52 AM EDT
Five K-Drama Couples That Met On Set And Broke Up
Several k-drama couples have met on set and are still going strong. But however many sparks fly at the outset, such star relationships don’t always work out.
Kim So Hyun
Apr 28, 2015 08:25 AM EDT
Six K-Drama Actors Who Play Multiple Roles In The Same Drama
Playing one k-drama role can be tough enough but acting in more than one role in the same drama has its own challenges.
Song Joong Ki
Apr 27, 2015 01:12 PM EDT
Song Joong Ki Leaves Military Service To Play An Officer
Actors who finish up their mandatory two-year military term sometimes take up to a year to rest and consider what they want to do next in their career. Not Song Joong Ki.
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