Do Ji Han Joins Flower Boy Cast Of 'Hwarang'

Do Ji Han
Park Seo Joon
Park Hyung Sik
Choi Min Ho

The ranks of the Hwarang or "flower boy knights" are filling up and it's expected to be a pretty sight. The cast of "Flower Knights: The Beginning" aka 'Hwarang: The Beginning" has lined up several attractive actors and idols to play members of the elite group.

The cast includes Park Seo Joon, SHINee's Choi Min Ho, BTS member V and Z:EA's Park Hyung Sik. The latest cast member is actor Do Ji Han, who appeared in the drama "Incarnation of Money" and the films "The Tower" and  "Beauty Inside." He can soon be seen in the film "Musdan."

Do Ji Han will play one of the most powerful men in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. He's smart, handsome and proud. And he falls in love with his rival's sister. As in "Romeo and Juliet," theirs is a love doomed by bitter rivalries.

The Hwarang were an elite group of male youth, who not only had fighting skills but were well versed in the arts. They were known for their physical beauty and often wore make-up, accessories, and apparently fragrance as they were also known as the incense men.

The Hwarang have been featured in k-dramas and k-movies before. Uhm Tae Woong played a member of the Hwarang in the drama "Queen Seonduk."

According to Park Hyung Sik's agency Star Empire Entertainment, the actor will play King Jin Heung, a king who contributed to the territorial expansion of Silla. The 24th monarch of Silla, King Jin Heung ascended the throne when he was only 15. Considered one of the greatest Silla rulers, he established the basis for the unification of Korea.

Park Seo Joon will play one of the "flower boy" knights. Actress Go Ara has also confirmed her participation. She will play a character loved by two men.

The historical drama is being produced by Oh Boy Company, the production company responsible for previous flower boy dramas such as tvN's "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" and "Flower Boys Next Door." This makes sense as the Silla Hwarang were the flower boys of their time.

The drama is expected to air in the second half of 2016.

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