'Descendants Of The Sun' Trumps 'Please Come Back Mister' With Double The Ratings

Song Joong Ki
Song Hye Kyo
Lee Min Jung
Jang Na Ra

Viewers had high expectations for both of the dramas premiering this week, but one of the two is the clear winner, at least for the first episode's ratings.

"Descendants of the Sun," starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki rated 14.3 percent in the ratings, more than double that of the competition, "Please Come Back Mister," starring Rain and Lee Min Jung.

"Descendants of the Sun" is set in a war torn fictional country. That's where Song Joong Ki, playing an officer in a peacekeeping mission, meets, Song Hye Kyo's character, a doctor with a humanitarian organization.

"Please Come Back Mister" only rated 6.6 percent in viewership. That drama is an adaptation of a Japanese novel about people who die and get a second chance to come back and take care of unfinished business. Lee Min Jung plays a devoted housewife, married to a hardworking store manager. He's so hardworking it kills him and he gets to come back for a short while in a more attractive body. That character is played by Rain.

In third place was the MBC drama "One More Happy Ending," starring Jang Na Ra as the divorced owner of a matchmaking service for divorcees. She's caught in a love triangle with Jung Kyung Ho's character and his best friend. That drama only earned 5.0 percent in the ratings.

"Descendants of the Sun" had a strong first episode in terms of plot development, introducing the main characters at a younger age and showing viewers something of their background. It's also Song Joong Ki's first drama since returning from his two-year mandatory military duty, so it was much anticipated. And Song Hye Kyo's last drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" was a big hit. The actors have exceptionally good chemistry in the first episode.

On the other hand Rain's last drama did not fare all that well in the ratings. "My Lovely Girl"  was his first drama after returning from military duty and for one episode had ratings as low as 3.9 percent.  Lee Min Jung's last drama "Cunning Single Lady" did well, with ratings reaching the double digits for one episode. "Please Come Back Mister" may yet rise in the ratings. The first episode was witty well filmed and interesting, so more people may tune in.

Have you seen either of these dramas? What do you think the odds are that the competition will be fiercer?

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