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Five Webtoons That Offer A Taste Of Korean Culture [Blog]

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 09, 2016 08:59 AM EST


Traditional Korean clothing, known as hanbok, is prominently featured in the webtoon Cat and Dog by Hee-Jung Park. It is a story about a young country girl named Young-Woo and brooding actor named Seul-Woo, who enter into an arranged marriage.

They are complete opposites from each other and essentially strangers but the more time they spend together, the deeper their relationship grows.  

However, a series of complications threatens their happily-ever-after. Cat and Dog is a bright and pretty webtoon that will give you a look inside Korean traditions. 

1. Hanbok (Traditional Korean Clothing) 

Cat and Dog by Hee-Jung Park 

2. Korean Food

Shall We Have Dinner Tonight by See-In Park 

Korean food is varied, adventurous, delicious and is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. The webtoon Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? does an excellent job of meaningfully integrating food into the story of two broken hearts who become friends.

They meet every week and discuss their lives, both past and present, over delicious meals.

Readers will be drawn into this contemplative romance and will develop a healthy appetite after looking at the countless images of Korean food this webtoon has to offer. 

3.  Life in Korea in the Past 

Twelfth Night by Muryu 

Twelfth Night is a complicated web of love, betrayal and revenge as two brothers, one disguised as a woman, tries to take down the current king.

Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" is used as a framework for the story and though it's a work of fiction, the artwork is beautiful and detailed and together with the intricate plot, it gives the reader insight into the political structures that existed in the past and what that period of time may have looked like.

This webtoon is an emotional rollercoaster that will not disappoint you.  

4. What All Young Korean Men Must Go Through

PEAK by Sung Soo Hong and Ganghyuk Lim 

South Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has a mandatory military service that all young men over the age of 18 must serve.

The webtoon Peak follows a group of five young men who get selected to serve as a part of a mountain rescue unit.

The grueling job tests their physical and mental limits and gives the reader a glimpse into how difficult military life can be.

They are constantly confronted with new obstacles and they grow stronger and more mature with each passing day. It's a satisfying journey to follow that is filled with adventure and action at every turn.  

5. Korean Folklore 

Myojin Tales by Jelly Bean 

Korea has a rich library of folklore, myths and legends, that intertwine history, culture and superstition. Myojin Tales uses these stories as inspiration as it explores the world of a fallen god who is willing to do whatever it takes to regain his place amongst the stars.

This webtoon is dark and heavy as it delves into themes of fate, loss, death and good versus evil.

A distinct sense of fear and anxiety will creep up on readers who will find themselves immersed in this enchanted world.

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