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'Marriage Contract' Lee Suh Jin, Kim Young Pil, Kim Yoo Ri An Awkard Love Triangle

BY Christine Han | Mar 11, 2016 12:08 AM EST


In "Marriage Contact" Yooey was very upset at Lee Suh Jin in a strong way.

On the 2nd episode of MBC weekend drama "Marriage Contract" (script Jung Yoo Kyung, director Kim Jin Min) broadcast on March 6th  Han Ji Hoon (played by Lee Suh Jin) went ahead for the liver transplant of his mother Mi Ran (played by Lee Hwee Hyang).

Ji Hoon saw that his mother's illness was getting worse.  He then went to Kang Hye Soo (played by Yooe) who wanted to marry him.  At this, Ji Hoon said to Hye Soo, "Is that still valid that you're going to marry me?" With that, he got into a marriage contract and wanted to give his mother a liver transplant.

Ji Hoon said to Hye Soo, "There are loan debts, it's really the end of the world." Hye Soo said, "Then how are you going to have faith in someone that is pushed to the end." With that, he raised his voice.

At this, Ji Hoon said, "You're living in this way and that's why you're inheriting the husband's late debt too." With that, Hye Soo said, "They call people like you rock bottom. I'm not going to" as he got upset.

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