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Female version of 'The Man From Nowhere', 'Midsummer'

BY HanCinema | Jun 22, 2016 06:56 AM EDT


"Midsummer" (Director Kim Min-I) is an action movie about a sister settling her secretive past and starting to get revenge for her sister who is abandoned by the world. The casts are Lee Si-yeong, Park Se-wan,Lee Joon-hyeok, Choi Jin-ho, Lee Hyeong-cheol and Kim Won-hae.

Lee Si-yeong takes on the role of In-ae, the secretive but brave sister. She has come out with new characters every time but this time, she attempts at something much rougher and tougher.

Park Se-wan is performing the role of In-ae's sister Eun-hye. She was in the Top 10 list of candidates for "My Sassy Girl - Drama".

Choi Jin-ho-I takes on the role of Park Yeong-choon, a powerful man and key axel in every case. In the role of Han Jeong-woo, the leader of a mob is Lee Joon-hyeok.

Lee Hyeong-cheol plays Seo In-cheol who offers the start of every case. Kim Won-hae plays Jeong, who puts Eun-hye in danger with his dangerous business deal.

The movie cranked in on the 13th.

Source: HanCinema

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