‘Scandal’ Ends, Conflicts And Happy Ending

Kim Jae Won
Ki Tae Young

In "Scandal" that came to an end, the ending showed a true, "Good succeeds and evil fails."

In the last episode of "Scandal" broadcst on October 27th, Jang Tae Ha (played by Park Sang Min) reflected on his evil deeds and went to jail as Ha Myung Geun (played by Jo Jae Hyun) and Jang Eun Joong (played by Kim Jae Won) had a happy death on their last separation trip.

Jang Tae Ha replicated an incident from the Olympics terror incident when a building collapsed due to faulty construction.  He thus installed a bomb that caused a building to collapse and killed many people on purpose.  Myung Geun (played by Jo Jae Hyun) was a casualty as well.

However, Jang Tae Ha didn't feel guilty about this accident and tried expanding the company.  There were problems with the construction in an apartment called Zeus but he killed an employee who knew about the secret to shut him up.

As Eun Joong (played by Kim Jae Won) appears, he started to be a hurdle for Tae Ha.  Tae Ha made plans to get rid of Eun Joong but in this process, he learns that he's his birth son.

Eun Joong decides to live as Tae Ha's son and to others, he acted like a person who was blind to money and fame but his true intention was to let the world know about Tae ha's evil deeds and have him pay for his deeds.

Tae Ha realizes Eun Joong's intention and tries to deny his crime by collaborating with Jae In (played by Ki Tae Young) but he confessed recognizing his crime. In addition, he showed a new side of a new businessperson as he decides to rebuild the Zeus apartment after demolition that had had construction problems.

Before Myung Keun died of pancreatic cancer, he asked for forgiveness on kidnapping Tae Ha's son Eun Joong out of revenge and confessed that his feelings when raising him were true.  Eun Joong accepted these feelings and showed a true father-son relationship by saying, "Thanks for raising me."

In the end, "Scandal" showed that the good succeeds and evil fails, proving the old saying true.

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