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Park Hae-jin 'too hot', sell out in China

BY HanCinema | Aug 24, 2016 04:59 AM EDT


When Park Hae-jin comes out with a pictorial, it means 'sell-out'.

Park Hae-jin's 'spring look' in the magazine The Star led to his pictures plastering the main page of internet portal sites in Korea and China.

His pictures covered most of China's main news web sites, entertainment web sites and applications. He is the real-time 'hot' thing.

In the following interview, he said, "I have a lot to do so I may not have time for romance, but I can be a good husband one day".

About his upcoming drama "Man to Man", he said he's ready to go to action school for it and he's coming out as a completely different person compared to "Cheese in the Trap" Yoo Jeong.

Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin's donations led to a successful kidney operation on a child in China.


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