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Drama Review 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo' Episode 10

BY HanCinema | Dec 16, 2016 03:59 AM EST


Following an epic victory that should have been the high point of Bok-joo's life to date, instead she slips into an apparently hopeless funk. The exact cause of Bok-joo's state of depression is not so relevant as its apparently being insoluble . Even Joon-hyeong's normally peppey personality can't solve the problem, so this fairly downbeat episode of "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" ends the only way it can- with the drama having finally gained some clear and somewhat alarming conflicts.

Bok-joo's storyline is the anchor as usual. Much as her generally inexplicable attitude in previous moments could be explained by Bok-joo failing to adjust to growing up, so too does her depression seem reasonable because Bok-joo herself has no idea what's going or why she feels this way. And it's not even just a matter of Bok-joo sulking. We find out by the end that Bok-joo too is completely terrified by the recent turn of her emotional state, yet has no apparent way of fixing it.

Jae-i also gets a brief, albeit suitably dark storyline that tackles the subject of how he is overly nice to a fault. The interpersonal dynamics here are well exposited. Up until now I had never really thought of Jae-i as being an especially flawed character, yet as is shown here, refusing to be negative does not mean that all of your decisions can not have negative outcomes. Joon-hyeong's attack, while obviously unfair, does bring up a legitimate point that Jae-i will have to clearly address going forward.

Coach Seong-eun even gets a decent arc, involving the married weightlifter whose storyline up until now I haven't really been following because I can't even remember what his name is. Speaking of which, Si-ho now hangs out with another character whose name I can't remember. That subplot is less intriguing mainly because Si-ho's storyline is at this point on an island completely separate from anything that happens to the other main characters.

Like the three idiot friends, Seon-ok, Nan-hee, and Tae-kwon. Try as they might to guess what's going on with Bok-joo and Joon-hyeong, they are hamstrung by their own general stupidity. How very disappointing. Even teasing about more possible romantic subplots can't really lift the mood here. All we're left with is a generally optimistic preview which promises that however dark the situation may look, when teammates care about each other, they'll give the problem everything they've got.


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