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Drama Review 'Solomon's Perjury' Episode 2

BY HanCinema | Dec 21, 2016 04:23 AM EST


The plot thickens in a delightfully twisted way in episode two of "Solomon's Perjury" as we discover there is more to the witness than meets the eye. The press becomes involved and now the parents are distrusting the school and the police. A mysterious online figure named the Jeong-guk Watchman resurfaces in the school and Ji-hoon's role in all of this becomes more complicated.

I feel that the drama has been very good in leading viewers to certain conclusions. As I mentioned in my review for episode one, Lee Joo-ri (Sin Se-hwi) could have been lying about the incident due to personal reasons and it was the clues that the creators provided which made her suspicious nature easy to pick up on. I have to say, however, I did not expect to see such a tense and disturbed character in her. I am very pleased to see that the creators pay attention to several characters.

I am not sure who killed So-woo (Seo Yeong-joo-I) and why, if anyone even did, but the possibility that Woo-hyeok (Baek Cheol-min) might be one of the least wicked characters by the end of all this makes the mystery and drama very appealing. There is clearly a lot of pain, manipulation and many broken minds among Jeong-guk high school's youth, faculty and parents, but it all works because we have such intriguing characters and relationships.

I love seeing Joon-yeong (Seo Ji-hoon) tail Seo-yeon (Kim Hyeon-soo) like a duckling and a trusting friend. Their mutual support and trust will help them through this tough situation, as the burden they must carry is catching up. In contrast, Joo-ri and Park  Cho-rong (Seo Sin-ae) have a dysfunctional and abusive relationship. The series also uses them for its social criticism, but also a ray of hope, such as the moment when Joo-ri's venomous comments are proven wrong by people who do care about the person she has been using.

Ji-hoon remains the most mysterious character here and now we have an added layer to the confusion. If the boy is the Jeong-guk Watchman, as evident by his phone when the post was made, what is his goal? What does the son of the most shady figure in the school aside from its biggest benefactor know which pushes him to become a fighter for justice? What urges him to defend Woo-hyeok in court?

There is so much to talk about in this series and my desired review length leaves a lot of it out. Every scene feels like it is building up to something big, the characters are deeply engaging and the show's production quality is great. "Solomon's Perjury" is shaping up to be a dark piece about the corruption we become a part of as we grow up and those who fight it.

"Solomon's Perjury" is directed by Kang Il-soo, written by Kim Ho-soo and features Kim Hyeon-sooJang Dong-yoonSeo Ji-hoonSeo Yeong-joo-I and Jo Jae-hyeon.


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