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Drama Review 'The Sound of Your Heart' Episode 3 (TV Version)

BY HanCinema | Dec 25, 2016 07:14 AM EST


New material starts us out here, as Seok takes Ae-bong to meet his family, although matters take a turn for the weird when Cheol-wang's generally awful dad jokes inspire him to a task that soon manages to overwhelm the rest of his family with sheer obnoxiousness. Then, improbably good timing results in chaos for everyone else in the neighborhood too. Except the pregnant woman. I guess she ends up doing all right.

The previously released web episodes included in this repackaging are nineteen, twenty, five, and six. Whoever's doing this editing is playing fast and loose with continuity, which is fine, since Seok getting together with Ae-bong is the only real time-sensitive plot point anyway, and kind of necessary for doing any jokes that involve Ae-bong as a character. Episodes five and six are the ones that involve Joon pestering everyone from the comfort of his hotel in China, and he can do that whenever.

That is an interesting take on love, though- that it's when people are given so much permission to be annoying that you'll go out of your way to facilitate their behavior while only ever responding in kind with similarly loud and outraged indignity. This is why I love all of the interaction between Cheol-wang and Jeong-kwon. The only evidence that they love each other as man and wife is the insane amount of energy they'll dedicate to harassing each other.

This is where Seok and Ae-bong fail as a couple in the second new segment, which shows them going on their first official date after being together, and screwing it up mainly by playing it as some sort Literally the title for this section translates to "lover's game of thrones", and that's pretty much what they do. Act like these weird elaborate parodies of what they think attractive people are like, with no regard to context.

The level of absurdity is fairly indicative of the appeal in "The Sound of Your Heart" as a whole. These are a bunch of people who come up with these over-complicated ideas to solve non-existent problems, and then they backfire horribly with unexpected consequences, yet no one ever manages to learn from these mistakes. That's because they don't really want to. These idiosyncratic failures define their uniqueness as human beings. So it is with all of us. Because even if Seok looks defeated at the end, seeing what Ae-bong's house is really like, hey, at least he's inside the house, right?


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