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Scary Kdrama Fun For Halloween

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 31, 2013 10:56 AM EDT


Since it's Halloween, you may want to check out some kdramas and films that feature ghosts and vampires. Fortunately, there are a few fun examples.

"The Master's Sun" was one of this year's most popular dramas. The Hong Sisters created a new genre of kdrama calling it the horror rom com and they cast it perfectly with So Ji Sub as the man who only believes what he sees and Gong Hyo Jin as the woman who is tortured by the presence of ghosts. The ghosts in the drama also had compelling stories to tell, each with a need that was not satisfied in their lives. Gong Hyo Jin's character eventually sees the value of her ability especially when she can get some relief by touching So Ji Sub.

"Who Are You?" While not up to the scary standard of "The Master's Sun," this series had its moments and upped the eye candy quotient with its attractive actors, including So E Hyun. Ok Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook. The plotline was a standard detective mystery, with a few ghosts thrown in, but the scenes that involved the tragic story of the love between Kim Jae Wook and So E Hyun were moving.

"Arang and the Magistrate" is a fantasy saeguk starring Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah. Lee Jun Ki plays a nobleman who has the special ability to see spirits, but pretends he doesn't because he does not like being asked for favors. Shin Min Ah is a ghost trying to find out why she died so she can rest in peace. She begs for his help and eventually he gives in. Together they investigate the circumstances surrounding her death.

"Mouichido Dakishimentai" is a Japanese film with a kdrama star. If you're a fan of kdrama actor Song Seung Hoon, who was last seen in "When A Man Loves," you may want to watch this Japanese remake of the American film "Ghost." This version switches the genders of the original. A wealthy Japanese woman marries a Korean potter played by Song and they are very happy. But then shortly after their marriage, she's killed. Her ghost realizes that Song is in danger and seeks out a psychic to relay the message.  It's an interesting remake and Song is good in it.

"Vampire Prosecutor." If it's vampires you're craving, there are two seasons of "Vampire Prosecutor" to satisfy you. "Vampire Prosecutor" is a crime drama in which a prosecutor hides his vampire identity and uses his special powers to solve crimes. Based on the taste and scent of a victim's blood, this prosecutor knows how they died.

Do you have any more scary or ghostly Halloween kdrama suggestions? Let us know.

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