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Drama Review 'Solomon's Perjury' Episode 6

BY HanCinema | Jan 09, 2017 05:17 AM EST


It is truly a happy day when my biggest complaint about an episode is that it provides too much solid material to fit into my desired review length. Episode six of "Solomon's Perjury" is chock-full of new revelations, new suspects, rising tensions, great character development and all other manner of goodies. Seo-yeon takes her biggest step as a prosecutor yet and she will need all of her strength to handle the current chaos.

First of all, the sinister "adult happenings" have been teased since the beginning. Woo-hyeok's (Baek Cheol-min) recollection of the figure in his room and the arson case complications Sang-joong (Ahn Nae-sang) has been teasing seem like an important part of them. So-woo's (Seo Yeong-joo-I) knowledge about the school and his animosity toward Woo-hyeok could be connected. The twist of So-woo's identity as the original Jeong-guk High Sentinel adds to the possibility of an adult culprit and a cover up.

Before getting to the more twisted possibility around So-woo's death, I want to talk about Seo-yeon (Kim Hyeon-soo). I am glad to see her naive innocence being challenged. Purity is her best asset, but it comes with a price. One cannot maintain it wholly without sacrificing something and in her case that was foresight and self-knowledge. Her reassessment of her case and her role as a prosecutor is a necessary step in making her more aware and confident. This is some good character development.

It also addresses Ji-hoon's (Jang Dong-yoon) perceived nonchalance about the repercussions of creating tension with the trial. One might think she should have expected this much as a natural result of disturbing the status quo, but that is the point of growth. The quest for the truth will bring tensions, relationships will break and people will be in danger. No one claimed their rights by kindly asking for them from those who disrespect them, but minimizing the pain is a burden and responsibility of those fighting for justice.

I wonder if there is time to handle so many complicated topics here, but for now the series is doing a good job. I also appreciate the fact that the two key persons of the trial, the defendant and the witness are not "ideal". Hunting for the truth is never easy and the human element is the biggest challenge. Seeing past someone's virtues or vices in order to treat everyone fairly is a big challenge as well.

Coming back to that twisted possibility, So-woo's reply about who caused his wounds is disturbing. He either refers to Kyeong-moon (Jo Jae-hyeon) and by extension Ji-hoon causing him pain or it is literal. If it is the latter, we are going into the foreshadowed mental illness territory for Ji-hoon. An amnesiac killer would admittedly be cheap and stigmatizing drama, but one of the show's strong suits is making one grasp at all possible straws.

"Solomon's Perjury" is directed by Kang Il-soo, written by Kim Ho-soo and features Kim Hyeon-sooJang Dong-yoonSeo Ji-hoonSeo Yeong-joo-I and Jo Jae-hyeon.


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