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Drama Review 'Solomon's Perjury' Episode 10

BY HanCinema | Jan 24, 2017 04:48 AM EST


With Woo-hyeok out of the picture and hopefully reflecting on his life, the trial is left at a standstill. The core team decide to persevere, as new evidence reveals a figure running away from the school at the time of So-woo's death. Meanwhile Kyeong-moon tries his best to block the trial and this puts pressure on Ji-hoon, whose identity and secrets are being discovered by more and more people around him.

You sure know how to take my heart and rip it into pieces, series. Before getting to the relationship between Kyeong-moon (Jo Jae-hyeon) and Ji-hoon (Jang Dong-yoon), there are plenty of other emotionally charged moments in episode ten. Ji-hoon's words to Woo-hyeok (Baek Cheol-min) about choice and initiative, the revelation of Joon-yeong's (Seo Ji-hoon) plight and Joo-ri's (Sin Se-hwi) first complete truth all carry a lot of weight.

"Solomon's Perjury" has been great with its characters and their unique circumstances. We have diverse personalities with different issues and family situations, yet the common elements connecting them are not only a source of shared pain, but also hope. These teenagers clash with one another and the adult around them as they try to make sense of life, but their confusion also brings them together and helps them draw strength from one another.

Story-wise, it seems Ji-hoon does really know all the important parts of what has happened, but not the details of how things got to that point. As he explains to detective Oh (Shim Yi-young), he has a plan and he has to see it through. His confidence in So-woo's (Seo Yeong-joo-I) death being a suicide is one I share. Seeing Ji-hoon being unafraid to be discovered solidifies my belief that he knows what he is talking about. Whatever guilt he feels motivates him to seek justice and that is a quality to trust.

So many questions still remain, however. Kyeong-moon claims he is trying to protect Ji-hoon and while Ji-hoon does not believe him, I do think their backstory is loving for a reason. If Kyeong-moon is telling the truth, I hope we get to find out how our once admirable prosecutor and father turned out this way and why. Ji-hoon clearly does not trust him anymore and it is up to Kyeong-moon to win him back.

Seo-yeon (Kim Hyeon-soo) really lives up to her potential in the trial this time around and her persistence is needed now more than ever. I am glad to see her questioning everything and everyone. Joon-yeong is on to Ji-hoon's secret and so is Seo-yeon, so I am looking forward to the big revelations coming up. I just hope all the lovely bonds survive them.

"Solomon's Perjury" is directed by Kang Il-soo, written by Kim Ho-soo and features Kim Hyeon-sooJang Dong-yoonSeo Ji-hoonSeo Yeong-joo-I and Jo Jae-hyeon.


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