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Drama Review 'Three Color Fantasy - The Stars in Space' Episodes 1-2

BY HanCinema | Jan 27, 2017 04:15 AM EST


One day, Byeol-i (played by Ji Woo) was just walking to school as usual rocking out to tunes with her discman and then...well, long story short it's the present day now, and Byeol-i has a new, generally unpleasant job. She's able to avoid the worst of it, though, by fantasizing about Woo Joo (played by Suho), a pop star with loyal devoted fans. There's just one problem. Woo Joo is very depressed. And not in a sad way, in a very curt and brash "why don't I just end it all" kind of way.

"Three Color Fantasy - The Stars In Space" is, first and foremost, a pun. Woo-joo means space and Byeol-i means star, so Byeol-i is Woo Joo's star. It's a larger metaphor for how Byeol-i, in strict malfeasance to her job duties, is trying her best to keep Woo Joo alive so he can make music and keep his fans happy for another day. The entire concept of this drama is very morbid, although it does have its moments of sweetness.

Consider how, in spite of having nothing to live for, Byeol-i is very earnest when it comes to enjoying every moment. Byeol-i's world in general is very weird. I can't for the life of me figure out how and why Grim Reapers drive cars. Their putting on make-up to mainly seems to be a stylistic choice, albeit an appropriate one considering how the main clients are old people who aren't necessarily all that upset about dying.

Be that as it may, Byeol-i's actions, or absence thereof, have very real consequences. So even though "Three Color Fantasy - The Stars In Space" has a ridiculously positive and upbeat tone, one way or another we're moving toward a sad ending somehow. Which does make it easier to root for Byeol-i as a character. However doomed her actions, may ultimately be, Byeol-i is still a genuinely kind person who had the misfortune of never growing up.

Woo-joo is harder to place. He's selfish and unappreciative, which oddly enough is probably why he toys around so casually with the idea of killing himself, unaware and uncaring of the catastrophic impact this will have on his fans. Unfortunately the first two episodes of "Three Color Fantasy - The Stars In Space" meanders a lot with worldbuilding, so it's only right at the end that the actual conflict finally materializes. Good thing these are only half-hour episodes I guess.


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