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Drama Review 'Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance' Episodes 1-2

BY HanCinema | Feb 17, 2017 05:22 AM EST


In-seong (played by Yoon Si-yoon) is a cheerful young man trying to make the best of a bad employment situation and get a decent job. Unfortunately the universe likes to play cruel jokes on In-seong. Soon In-seong is without a job apartment or girlfriend. This leaves In-seong with little choice except to go along with the scheme of his best friend Ji-seob (played Kang Ki-yeong), which is to agree to be a medical test subject for a quick and easy payout.

The first two episodes of "Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance" are pretty standard superhero origin story stuff. The twist is that we already know In-seong isn't going to be a superhero, because "Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance" is fairly obviously set in the real world. While in-seong does eventually manage to stop a crime, it's mostly because by sheer coincidence he happened to be nearby one that was happening.

And even then In-seong's thought process was not exactly noble. Earlier on In-seong was bystander to another crime, and fantasized about pulling off a heroic rescue less out of concern for justice and more because he wanted an attractive woman to look at him with stark admiration. So-ra (played by Cho Soo-hyang) never acts anything remotely like that. In fact, the one time In-seong has an opportunity to be heroic right in front of her, he cowers down because So-ra has this effect of making a man feel ashamed for behaving like he's in a cartoonish fantasy.

In-seong can't help but wish for these things, because he's a guy. No really, "Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance" is really just a very simple male wish fulfillment fantasy. While violence and sex play a part in In-seong's fantasies, they're just a means to an end. In-seong wants to be a cool dude that other people will love unconditionally. In a way it's a little sad. In-seong's newfound physical abilities are just a means to an end- not a greater calling.

While the plot in "Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance" is fairly rote, the mundane trappings work to make In-seong an unusually relatable character. It also helps that Yoon Si-yoon is in top form as the upbeat everyman. In-seong's sense of justice is exactly proportional. He just wants to get along with everybody. The lack of any malicious feelings on In-seong's part begs the question of where exactly the drama will go where it comes to conflict. For now, the opening was at least fairly convincing.


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