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Drama News 'Worry Worry Worry'

BY HanCinema | Feb 19, 2017 03:14 AM EST


Today I take a look at the rise of office dramas and express my worries about Korean drama and the topic of trends. I also give you an introduction and my less-than-enthused reaction to another minor-adult romance coming up. I am not sure where Dramaland will go with those, but I will personally not follow. What are your own thoughts on the subject?

Diversity vs. Fads

New office dramas are coming out lately and this piece contemplates the reasons behind that. Having more human stories instead of the constant outrageous plots and impossible characters which Korean drama so thoroughly loves is great, but the mentality behind it is one that worries me. This is because business becomes fixated on trends and the quest for recipes to success. I do not want to see "relatable stories" become a promotional catchphrase and for them to be treated as a fad.

Miracle Minor Love

"The Liar and His Lover" is a drama about a talented man with depression who is healed by the love of an underage girl. You already know my issue here, shared by JK of "Noonas Over Forks" in this piece. For one, the trend of having underage characters and/or actors in romantic context with much older adult ones is problematic in many ways. Adding to this magical solutions to medical conditions and all I can say is that this drama has a lot to be mindful of. For now, you can also check out its script reading.

Upcoming Drama Goodies

We start off with a look at the ladies in "The Perfect Wife" as well as one at Kim Dong-wuk in "Radiant Office""You're Too Much" has its first teaser out and so does "Father is Strange". In casting news, Yoon Se-ah returns to Dramaland with "My Sassy Girl - Drama" and "Secret Forest"Kwak Si-yang is the latest one courted for "Chicago Typewriter" and Lee Seong-kyeong has been offered "Watch out for this Woman".

Followed Dramas

I will not cover "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" for episode reviews, but I will watch the series and you can read my current thoughts on it in this preview"Missing 9" is having issues, but my love is strong. I have also decided to take up "Tunnel - Drama" and "Whisper" for episode reviews in the future.


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