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Jo Ann's First Evil Role In 'Shining Romance'

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 31, 2013 08:42 PM EDT


Actress Jo Ann (30, Jo Kyung Jin) will be challenging herself playing an evil role in the new MBC daily drama, "Shining Romance."

On October 31st, MBC said, "Jo Ann was cast as the selfish character Jang Chae Ri in 'Shining Romance.'  It's the first time she is playing an evil role."

'Jang Chae Ri' is the director of a famous restaurant Chung Woon Gak in the drama and will be conflicting against Bit Na (played by Lee Jin).  Moreover, she will be in a love triangle with Kang Ha Joon (played by Park Yoon Jae) who loves Bit Na.

Jo Ann evaluated her role and expressed her feelings saying, "Jang Chae Ri is arrogant and selfish on the outside but has a lot of scars and concerns.  This is the first time I'm playing an evil role and I'm nervous and anxiously awaiting filming."  Moreover, she added, "I will work hard to lead this drama as a great actor so please look forward to my acting."

Meanwhile, "Shining Romance" will be broadcast as the successor to "Princess Aurora" in December.

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