“Crash Landing on You” Cast Celebrated The Drama's Finale + Fans Reacts To The Ending

“Crash Landing on You” Cast Celebrated The Drama's Finale + Fans Reacts To The Ending
Cast of the most talked about drama “Crash Landing on You” celebrated their finale! + Reactions of the fans on the ending of the drama (Photo : instagram)

The last episode of the Korean hit drama "Crash Landing On You" with lead stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin aired and streamed this February 16. Plenty of viewers and loyal fans claimed that the show had one of the best endings. The fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on and reactions to the ending of the drama. The hashtag #CrashLandinOnYouFinale trended on social media.

One fan expressed on twitter: stating that it was amazing how they gave us like almost 2 hours for the final episode that was like watching a movie. The fans said that the drama deserves all the hype, recognition and awards and the storyline was seamless, from lead actors to 2nd and all supporting cast.

And also another Twitter user shared: that they were so happy for Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jeong Hyeok it was a great ending. He added that they are really destined for each other. But what breaks their heart is Seo Dan and Seungjun. are the BEST SECOND ROLE EVER!

The drama "Crash Landing On You" aired in December 2019, it tells the story of a fashion empire heiress Yoon Se-ri who was paragliding on a windy day and accidentally crash-lands in North Korea. Then she meets the captain of the North Korean army who helps her find a way to return her to South Korea. Eventually, both lead characters to fall in love with each other.

This drama was aired on tvN in South Korea and it was also streamed online Netflix. It has currently been reported that the drama to have the highest viewership rating for tvN beating another show, Goblin.

TVN's drama "Crash Landing on you" ended in a very romantic way. And the cast and crew of the show were very happy for the finale. In the last broadcast couple, who went back to their respective positions in North and South, had a happy ending, reuniting like fate in Switzerland where they first met.

Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who showcased their great chemistry so much that their love story was trending and exceeded two digits in the 8th viewer rating, recorded 21.7% according to the Nielsen Korea standard in its final episode on the 16th of February.

There was a celebration in the restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul, where many actors, including Hyun-bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-nan, Yang Kyung-won, Lee Shin-young, Yu Su-bin, and Hwang Woo Seul-hye, enjoyed the ending the show. At the end of the day, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin smiled by taking a selfie shot with many people with a cheerfully face. Actor Kim Jung-hyun and Hyun Bin were seen enjoying the after party of the drama for ending of tvN's "Crash Landing on you," held at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th.

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