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Han Bo Reum To Play Principal Investigator Wang Jo Hyun

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 05, 2013 01:23 PM EST


Han Bo Reum is taking the role of a bus driver in the 1980s in the seventh story of MBC's short drama series, "Drama Festival."

Han Bo Reum is casted for the main character of "Principal Investigator - Protect Wang Jo Hyun!" which is a drama on a high school student who's in love with Wang You Mi.

Han Bo Reum plays Wang You Mi, who has similar looks to Wang Jo Hyun, a beautiful Chinese actress of the 1980s. 

Han Bo Reum said through her agency, "The character I play will bring good memories to a lot of people. Please watch the drama when it comes out."

Han Bo Reum has had roles in KBS2 "Dream High," MBC "I Summon You Gold," and SBS "The Master's Sun."

The MBC short drama series, "Drama Festival," airs on November 14, 2013.

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