"Hospital Playlist" Recap: Letting Go of Love For a Friendship That Will Last

Hospital Playlist

Ik Jun and Song Hwa met at the hospital parking lot as they prepared to start their day. Song Hwa bought coffee for Ik Jun and met at the cafeteria. Ik Jun teased resident doctor Suk Min taking a nap at the lounge. They exchanged a few funny stories before they start doing their morning rounds.

It was a good start of the day for everyone in the recent episode of Hospital Playlist

Ik Jun checked his patients whose surgery will take place the next day. He was trying to explain to the patients why fasting is needed before the surgery.

Ik Jun has a very good interpersonal relationship with his patients as he always understands them and makes them feel happy. One of Ik Jun's patients has a daughter who is an actress. They had lunch together and reminisced about their past as they broke up during their college years. Everyone was excited to greet the actress while they took their lunch, which amused Ik Jun.

Jung Ro-sa (Jung Won's mother) went to the hospital for a medical check-up. Chairman Jong Su always accompanies her around when she visits. They have been good friends since their college years, and never did they lose contact, even if they have their own families up until they became widows. 

Jung Won was treating a 6-month-old baby who was suffering from liver failure. His team was having a hard time getting a donor, though he only had one day to finalize everything. Jung Won gets emotionally attached when a patient is in critical condition.

Song Hwa and Jung Wan took their lunch together in her clinic. Ik Jun arrived to bring boiled eggs for them. A few minutes later, resident doctor Ahn dropped by to hand over documents for Song Hwa. Ik Jun asked him to stay longer and talk about his sister.

Doctor Ahn and Ik Soo were classmates in the military academy. Doctor Ahn preferred to pursue medicine and Ik Soo continued her military service. They were good friends but Ik Jun insisted that Ik Soo had a crush on Ahn. Jung Wan got irritated with Ik Jun, he cracked the egg at the back of Ik Jun's head. Everyone was surprised and Ik Jun grabbed Jung Wan's hair. A scuffle on the sofa ensued. Song Hwa just laughed at them for their childish acts.

Doctor Kwang Hyun was surrounded again by the resident doctors who wanted to know more about the five doctors. He explained the hobbies of each doctor. Song Hwa loves to go camping and bought things for her adventure. Jung Wan likes to play golf and is strict with his work. Jung Won enjoys different sports since he can afford it because his parents are wealthy. Suk Hyung mostly stays home and watches on his 300inches TV, while Ik Jun loves a lot of things from sports to cooking. 

Jung Wan assisted resident doctor Do Je Hak for his major operation. It went well and everyone was happy, though there were times Jun Wan would remind him of a few important tips during the operation. Jung Wan left the team to proceed to the next surgery scheduled. 

Resident doctor Gyeo Wool took a pain reliever that caused her face to swollen and shortness of breath. Ik Jun held her before she collapsed. They were trying to lessen the allergies and let her stay in the hospital for the night.

Jung Wan rushed to the operating room before he could finish his order. The team of nurses and resident doctors saved a patient who almost lost his life due to an irregular heartbeat.

Song Hwa invited the four doctors for dinner at a restaurant. She told them about the biopsy she took from another hospital, and that the doctor found a lump in one of her breasts. 

The results will be available at 7 am the next day. Everyone was tensed. The next day, Song Hwa went to the hospital to get the results on her own. She was surprised to see Ik Jun outside the clinic waiting for her. He wanted to be with her when the results come out.

Later in the afternoon, all the five doctors knocked on her clinic and started bugging her about the results. She smiled as she mentioned that the cysts were benign. Everyone felt relieved. 

Before the biopsy clinic opening, Ik Jun shared a funny memory with Song Hwa. It was during her birthday that Suk Hyung ended at the police station when he slept on the road. He got drunk because Song Hwa told him they can only be friends. During that time, Ik Jun also liked Song Hwa but he preferred to not pursue his feelings to respect their friendship with Suk Hyung and Song Ha.

They played another hit music with the rendition of their version from the Zoo band. Jung Wan was delighted when Ik Soon responded with "yes." They were officially a couple but no one knows yet. 

Jung Won felt frustrated as the liver donor didn't match for his 6-month-old patient. There was no time left and they needed to push through with the surgery.

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