Netflix is Ready to Release More K-Series by Korean Directors and Actors

Time to Hunt

The third season for Netflix's "Kingdom" is currently being hoped for by its ardent fans. The response of viewers in data from streaming platforms raises in scale. Korean content is now heading in full gears in Netflix worldwide viewing as "Time to Hunt" will air at the end of April. Recently, Netflix produced several famous Korean directors and actors heading for streaming release.

The zombie thriller made way for actors and directors' hits. Director Lee Jae-Kyoo's last release in Netflix was in 2018, which was the "Intimate Strangers." Now, he's coming back with another Netflix original, "All of Us Are Dead," a hit Korean remake of webtoon titled "Now Our School." The story revolves around high school students trying to survive amidst the zombie breakout. Director Lee is not new in big and small screens in terms of creating famous creations. To name a few, his previous works include the 2003 "Damo," 2008 "Beethoven Virus," and "The Fatal Encounter."

Another Netflix original to air soon is "Sweet Home" by Director Lee Eung-Bok. It tells the story of a student who encounters horrific events after he transfers to his new apartment. The movie is also a Korean webtoon remake holding the same title. Director Lee Eung-Bok made the top-rating drama series, 2016 "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God," and 2018 "Mr. Sunshine." Rising star Song Kang will appear on the film and soon to debut this year.  

Award-winning director Hwang Dong-Hyuk partnered with Netflix for original Korean content "Round Six." It is a survival game in which the last person to stay alive gets $10 million. The first deal and surely more to come with Hwang and Netflix for more Korean content. "The Fortress" won Hwang as The Best Screenwriter at the Blue Dragon Awards.  

Another venture for actor Jung Woo-Sung to take part as executive producer for Netflix's original series "Silent Sea." It is a mystery thriller about a group of villagers who experiences a water shortage. Director Choi will take control of his version of Netflix streaming.

A fantasy series "The School Nurse Files," directed by Lee Young-Mi, will soon be released through Netflix within this year. It is based on a novel that tells about a high school nurse who has supernatural abilities to solve mysterious events. Jung Yu-Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk to star for the said series.

The U.S. streaming tries to expand its market as Netflix partners with popular Korean filmmakers and stars. Many regions around the world, not only in Asia, are enjoying South Korean television series. Netflix confirmed with a partnership with CJ ENM for South Korean content creators. 

"CJ ENM and Studio Dragon represent the gold standard in Korean entertainment, and we are excited and honored to work with them. This partnership with CJ ENM and Studio Dragon demonstrates our commitment to Korean entertainment and allows us to bring more top-tier Korean drama to Netflix members in Korea and all over the world," shared Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix. 

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