"Sweet Munchies" Teaser Features Food, Love, and Good Company

Sweet Munchies
Jung Il Woo
Kang Ji Young
Lee Hak Joo
"Sweet Munchies" Teaser Features Food, Love, and Good Company (Photo : Twitter)
Food, Love, and Good Company Take The Spotlight in "Sweet Munchies" Teaser (Photo : Twitter, Instagram)

The new rom-com drama "Sweet Munchies" won't only entice you with various sumptuous-looking dishes, but will make you laugh and fall in love at the same time. Its newly-released crave-worthy video teaser makes you ask for more!

The upcoming JTBC series, also called "Late Night Snack Man and Woman," is set to broadcast at the end of May. The lead actors are Jung Il Woo, who will play as chef Park Jin Sung. Kang Ji Young plays as budding producer-director Kim Ah Jin. Lee Hak Joo works as a famous fashion designer in his TV show, and in character, he is Kang Tae Wan and comes to work with Park Jin Sung and Kim Ah Jin. 

Chef Park works in his late-night restaurant to provide relaxing nights and good drinks to young professionals. He prepares delicious dishes that match the mood and drinks that his customers will order. The delicious food and ambiance encourage Kim Ah Jin. She then produces and directs a new show that makes Chef Park as the host. Making everything complete is by creating a good production set that makes designer Kang Tae Wan get in the picture. 

As they work and enjoy each other's company, a love triangle comes in for the three characters. The first video teaser showed Kim Ah Jin and her friend enjoying their time together, as Chef Park turned the volume up. The ladies enjoyed dancing, while Kang Tae Wan casually stood up and went along with the other customers. The party started, even though one customer demanded them to stop. Chef Park was so totally in the mood as he moved his shoulders to the beat of the music that energized the whole place.  

The latest video teaser shows Chef Park serving savory Korean dishes for his customers. It's a personalized service of good food and good ambiance. He became a good friend to Kim Ah Jin, who frequently visits and dines in. Chef Park comforted Kim Ah Jin in one of her terrible nights and gave her a good shoulder to cry on. Kang Tae Wan, being one of the loyal customers, also confides with the chef. 

The lead cast released a video clip as they shoot for their poster for the upcoming drama. The three actors were seen introducing their characters and enjoying their time together when they are not filming. 

Actor Jung Il Woo commented as they ended the clip. He said, "Our drama, "Sweet Munchies," is like a late-night snack that can state your hunger and empty heart at the end of a tiring day. We'll be greeting you with a delicious late-night snack, unique romance and incredibly relatable stories, so please look forward to it." 

JTBC's "Sweet Munchies" will premiere on May 25.  

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