WATCH: BTOB Sungjae Encourages Viewers To Watch "Mystic Pop-Up Bar"

Yook Sungjae
Mystic Pop-Up Bar
WATCH: BTOB Sungjae Encourages Viewers To Watch "Mystic Pop-Up Bar" (Photo : Twitter, Instagram)

How would you like to solve your troubles in life as you enjoy a sip of your favorite drink? This happens to the customers who enter and dine in "Mystic Pop-Up Bar."

JTBC's new drama "Mystic Pop-Up Bar" is based on a popular webtoon of the same title. A combination of fantasy and comedy, it will surely bring laughter on your mid-week nights, brought to you by JTBC and Netflix as they broadcast great shows.

The story revolves around a hot-tempered woman, and she was ordered to help troubled people. By doing so, she will not be condemned, suffer, and perish. Actress Hwang Jung Eum, in character as Woi Joo, owns an old "Pojangmacha" and using her magic, she heals people through entering their dreams. She resolves all their worries, and that will also give her a point in completing her task. She hires actor Yook Sung Jae, in character as Han Kang Bae, who works for her as a part-time employee. An immortal detective, Chief Gwi, will be played by actor Choi Won Young to help Woi Joo in her quest to live longer. Woi Joo and Chief Gwi, together with Han Kang Bae, work as they need to cover 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, through a video, BTOB's Yook Sungjae bade farewell and encouraged the viewers to watch "Mystic Pop-Up Bar." The idol enlisted on May 11, together with his co-member Hyunsik. Each wrote a heartfelt letter to their Melodys (fandom name for BTOB).

Yook Sungjae said, "I have to make 20 fishcakes skewers as soon as I come to work. I sometimes have to naturally 'touch' the customers if the owner gives me a look because I have to look inside their minds. But, what's worthwhile is that I can go inside customers' dreams and relieve their pain and sadness. If I drink the "Mystic Pop-Up Bar" drink. This is the most important part. Please take good care of our 'Mystic Pop-Up Bar.'"

Watch the video below.

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