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‘Into The Fire’ TV Chosun Finalized Featuring The Late Park Tae Jun

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 06, 2013 09:27 PM EST


TV Chosun will be featuring the life story of the late Park Tae Joon who was the honorary preside not Posco through the drama "Into The Fire."

TV Chosun said, "The story of iron king Park Tae Joon which is a true story will be broadcast next April through "Into the Fire." 

"Into the Fire" was a drama that was originally planned to be broadcast as "Iron King" with the rela life character Park Tae Joon.  This will be the successor to the TV Chosun mini series economy drama and will be a 20 episode series. 

"Iron King" was scheduled to be aired last year by KBS by it was caught in a controversy that with the presidential election, it might be favorable to a certain candidate and was delayed.

TV Chosun said, "This drama was centered on the real life person "Iron King CEO Park Tae Joon who did not succumb to the dire reality and a generation of disappointment and led the impossible to success." "Various fictional elements will be added to show how the protagonist becomes a "Man of Steel" and it will show the growth process of Korea as the iron industry success legend."

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