Netflix Reveals Cast of “All Of Us Are Dead” — Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, and More!

All Of Us Are Dead
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It seems like zombie-themed films and shows are clawing their way to claim worldwide attention. Following the success of the series "Kingdom," Netflix has a new show with the same genre to release soon!

Upcoming zombie thriller "All Of Us Are Dead" will have a different plot, wherein a group of high school students is trapped in school when the outbreak took place like wildfire. It will highlight the method of survival and the creativity of these youngsters to survive. And the people trying to save them have the same predicament.

"All Of Us Are Dead" is based on the Naver webtoon "Now at Our School." If you loved watching "Beethoven Virus" and "The King 2 Hearts" as well as the film "The Fatal Encounter," then you should watch this series as the same director will be helming this!

The series will be coupled by screenwriter Chun Sung Il, famous for his well-received dramas and films "The Pirates," "The Slave "Hunters," "The Package," and "Your Honor," with upcoming projects "Luca" and all-start cast film, "The Pirates 2."

The main cast is relatively a bunch of young actors. The main lead of Cheong-sak will be played by Yoon Chan Young. His role is just an ordinary student, who is willing to make a special effort for his one-sided love at his campus, Hyosan High School.

Yoon Chan Young, 19, debuted as a child actor in the drama "When a Man Falls in Love." He has been the younger counterpart for his many roles in different series. He recently starred in SBS's "Nobody Knows" and "Doctor John." The young actor has been nominated and won the award for Best Young Actor.

The popular schoolgirl, On-jo, will be played by Park Ji Hoo. The actress debuted in the short film "Home Without Me," and landed minor roles in "Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned," "Fabricated City," and "The Witness." She showed her prowess as an actress when she starred in the independent film "House of Hummingbird" and won her Best Actress on the 7th Wildflower Film Awards.

Nam-ra is the top student who is also the class leader, and rising actress Cho Yi Hyun will play the role.

Cho Yi Hyun plays the role of the school's top student and leader of the class she belongs to. Streaking projects, the actress appeared in five dramas in the last two years, including "Hospital Playlist" and "My Country." "Bad Papa" was her first drama, followed by "Less than Evil," "My Country: The New Age," "Hospital Playlist," and "How to Buy a Friend."

Su-hyuk is another student who dreams of becoming a student one day and is played by Park Solomon. "Bride of the Century" was his first drama. He was known for his role in the web drama "Sweet Revenge" and "Lookout."

The returning student Gwi-nam will be played by In Soo, who will disrupt those who got trapped as he becoming worse than the zombies. The actor debuted in "Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon." After that, he appeared in minor roles, such as in "My ID is Gangnam Beauty," "At Eighteen," and "Chocolate."

This original Netflix series will be streamed in over 190 countries worldwide via Netflix.

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