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‘The Suspicious Housemaid’ Chemistry Couple Ji Woo Even Script Reading Is Intimate

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 07, 2013 03:43 PM EST


'The Suspicious Housemaid' chemistry couple Choi JI Woo and Kang Ji Woo was pictured reading a script together.

On SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "The Suspicious Housemaid" (script Baek Woon Chul, director Kim Hyun Shik) Choi Ji Woo and Kang Ji Woo were always together and it even brings about "the jealousy of a birth mother."  In the pictures, the two are sharing a script and drawing attention.

According to staff members, the two people weren't satisfied with spending all their time together that they were sharing a script and making others jealous.

Compared to other characters, Choi Ji Woo and Kang Ji Woo have many scenes together.  Moreover, here and there during filming, Choi Ji Woo is giving Kang Ji Woo tips on what the scene is about and what expressions to show while acting to give her a better understanding.

Kang Ji Woo would also ask Choi Ji Woo something if a question arose during filming as she would show how closer they were.

Moreover, whenever they looked at the script together, they followed the popular phrase from Gag Concert saying, "Wait! Let me read the script of the best Ji Woos" and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, on the 14th episode of "The Suspicious Housemaid" Bok Nyuh (played by Choi Ji Woo) who had decided to be a mother withdrew her offer and she said she would date the suspicious individual Suh Ji Hoon (played by Song Jong Ho) as viewers were curious.

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