Lee Kwang Soo and 2PM's Chansung Sign On As Siblings

Lee Kwang Soo

Filming begins this week for "Five Eagle Brothers," also called "Five Brothers of Deoksuri," with Lee Kwang Soo and 2 PM's Chansung being the latest actors to join the cast.

The film focuses on a blended family, united by a marriage. The siblings in the new family are having problems getting along and really feeling like a family

Singer-actor Hwang Chansung has been cast as the male lead, Soo Geun, a young man who dreams of becoming a police officer. Chansung appeared in "Jungle Fish" and most recently played national security agent Gong Do Ha in "Level 7 Civil Servant." Despite being impulsive and short-tempered, his character Soo Geun is actually warm-hearted and caring. He really understands the value of family.

According to a production company spokesperson, Hwang Chansung was cast in this role based on his performance in "Level 7 Civil Servant."

"It is expected that his role in this film will make him even more of a star," said the production company representative.

Actor Yoon Sang Hyun, who this year played the kind-hearted attorney Cha Kwan Woo in the highly successful drama "I Hear Your Voice," will play his brother Soo Kyo.

Yoon Sang Hyun previously appeared as the Hallyu star Oska in "Secret Garden" and as Yoon Eun Hye's love-interest/chauffeur Seo Dong Chan in "My Fair Lady."

Lee Kwang Soo signed on to the drama this week but there is as yet no word as to which character he will play. Odds are the actor will play one of the five siblings because so far only four have been cast. Lee  is known for his appearances on the variety show "Running Man." Besides his variety show appearances he has a long resume of drama and film credits. He just finished playing the mischievous Prince Imhae in the fusion saeguk "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji." He also appeared in the dramas "Dating Agency: Cyrano," "Nice Guy," "City Hunter" and "High Kick Through the Roof." He recently dubbed the voice of Marco in the animated movie "Maritime Marco."

Through their parents' remarriage, Chansung and Yoon Sang Hyun will become siblings with characters played by actors Song Sae Byeok and Lee Alee. Song Sae Byeok appeared in the films "Sector 7," "Dooomsday Book," and "Cyrano Agency." Lee Alee was seen in the dramas "The King's Dream" and "Lights and Shadows,"

"Five Eagle Brothers" will be released next year. 

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