‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Confirms its Entry on the 49th International Emmy Awards

River Where the Moon Rises
Emmy Awards
49th International Emmy Awards

"River Where the Moon Rises" sets new milestone after making its entry on the 49th International Emmy Awards! 

"River Where the Moon Rises" Goes International

KBS 2TV's Monday and Tuesday series "River Where the Moon Rises" will be presented at the 49th International Emmy Awards. It's slated to be another Korean masterpiece to be recognized by the international audience. The drama depicts the love story of Princess Pyeonggang (played by Kim So Hyun) and On Dal (played by Na In Woo).

River Where the Moon Rises
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

With the hardworking and passionate cast and crew, the drama was able to bounce back after controversy, concerning the allegations to their previous actor Jisoo.

Aside from its entry to the prestigious award-giving body, "River Where the Moon Rises" has been also confirmed that its copyrights were exported and sold to 190 countries, showing the great impact of Korean wave globally.

Through this, the drama will help inform the people from different parts of the world about the history and culture of Korea.

River Where the Moon Rises
(Photo : KBS2)

Even before the drama began filming, the production team confessed that they already planned on making it to the Emmy Awards. According to the drama team, "'River Where the Moon Rises' is a drama work that we prepared with the aim of submitting to the International Emmy Awards ever since we are still in pre-production, and we are very enthusiastic that our dream has finally come true."

International Emmy Awards is an awarding ceremony that annually presents all the outstanding television series from various countries.

Previously, there were also some Korean series that were nominated in the said event, such as Netflix's "Kingdom," KBS 2TV's "Country of the Wind," MBC's "Indomitable Daughters-in-law," and "Fongdang Fondant Love."

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The Ongoing "River Where the Moon Rises"

After re-shooting most of the episodes, the cast was able to conquer the viewers with their impressive and compelling acting. The fight scenes are among the reasons the audience watches the series.

River Where the Moon Rises
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

After the drama finishes airing on primetime, the production will release again its first six episodes to give the viewers the best quality content of the drama.

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What can you say about this new achievement of "River Where the Moon Rises"? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Written by Shai Collins

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