Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie ‘Concrete Utopia' Kicks Off Filming Starring Park Seo Joon, Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young

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Park Seo Joon, Lee Byung Hun, and Park Bo Young gear up for their upcoming movie, "Concrete Utopia."

In a new report, the soon-to-be-released sci-fi movie officially starts filming on April 16. 

Aside from the update, producers of the film also celebrated their first day of shooting by unveiling the behind the scene photos during the "Concrete Utopia's" first script reading. 

Lee Byung Hun for
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Official Facebook)

At the time, lead star Lee Byung Hun expressed his excitement and said that he is "looking forward to working with director Um Tae Hwa" and his co-stars Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young, adding that this will be the first time that he'll work alongside his fellow stars. 

During the table read, the "Itaewon Class" star also shared his expectations for the film. 
Park Seo Joon for Concrete Utopia
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Official Facebook)

He finds "Concrete Utopia" challenging and thrilled to take on a new role, adding "I was drawn to the changes in Min Sung's emotions over the course of the incidents that take place within the space of Hwang Goong Apartments, among the people that live there," he mentioned, as obtained by a South Korean outlet. 

Park Bo Young for
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Official Facebook)

As for the 31-year-old actress, she also echoed the same sentiment and said that she is "delighted" to be part of the cast and vowed to "work hard during filming."

In addition, the "Abyss" star also mentioned that she's "excited" to work together with the powerhouse cast and believes that she'll be able to learn a lot on set.  

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"Concrete Utopia" Cast and Short Synopsis

The forthcoming disaster thriller film is based on the popular webtoon series "Pleasant Neighbor," written by Kim Soong​ Nyung. 

Distributed by Lotte Entertainment, "Concrete Utopia" is expected to be released in late 2021. 

The film adaptation revolves around the lives of the survivors after the city experienced a massive earthquake that turned the area into a large ruin. 

Set in the populous city of Seoul, the survivors temporarily settled in Hwanggoong Apartment, which happens to be the only standing framework in the area. 

The "Mister Sunshine" star plays Young Tak, who acts as the leader to protect Hwang Goong Apartment from outsiders.

Together with him, he recruits Min Sung, portrayed by Park Seo Joon, a hard-working public official who served as the right hand of Young Tak, and alongside the two is Myeong Hwa, played by Park Bo Young, who is a nurse and Min Sung's wife. 

Aside from the trio, supporting actors also include Park Ji Hoo and Kim Do Yoon, who is set to play the role of Hye Won and Do Kyun. 

Park Bo Young's Comeback

"Concrete Utopia" will Park Bo Young's silver screen comeback while Lee Byung Hun has an upcoming movie, "The Match" together with Yoo Ah In and Moon Jung Hee. 

To recall, the actress last appeared in her 2018 melodrama movie "On Your Wedding Day," where she portrayed the role of Hwan Seung Hee, who believes that a person can fall in love in just three seconds. 

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