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‘Reply 1994’ Sam Chun Po’s Identity Revealed All At Once

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 12, 2013 08:42 PM EST


'Reply 1994' Sam Chun Po's name, age, and wife was revealed.

On the episode of tvN 'Reply 1994' broadcast on November 9th, Sam Chun Po's identity was revealed, attracting viewers' attention.

On this day, Sam Chun Po left his house for a backpacking trip that was his goal since age 20.  However, he lost his wallet in the lawn and that wallet went in the hands of Jo Yun Jin (played by Do Hee).

However, Jo Yun Jin tried to find the owner of the wallet and opened the wallet but finding the ID, he was upset.  The owner of the wallet San Chun Po was two years younger than him, which was a young person born in 1977.

In addition, on this day, Sung Na Jung (played by Go Ah Ra)'s wedding was aired and Sam Chun Po's name was listed on the list.  Sam Chun Po's name was Kim Seung Gyun.

In addition, through the corresponding scnee, it was shown that Sam Chun Po and Jo Yun Jin married first and became husband and wife surprising people.

Meanwhile, on this day, Jo Yun Jin's drinking habits were revealed.

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