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Kim Woo Bin And Park Shin Hye Dive Into The Water For “The Heirs”

BY Chin D | Nov 13, 2013 10:50 AM EST


In another attempt to be Cha Eun Sang's prince charming, Choi Young Do tries to save her from falling into the pool, but they end up falling together instead.

Drama representatives release stills of Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin standing precariously at the side of a large swimming pool in Gapyeong, Gyeonggido. They said, "The two actors provided an exciting energy on set as they looked into each other's eyes while in the water. Please continue to support Cha Eun Sang and Choi Young Do as their intense relationship progresses."

In the scene, Cha Eun Sang was walking at the side of the pool when Young Do finds her. While holding onto her before she falls, Young Do whispers his sincere feelings towards Eun Sang, leaving the latter confused over his confession.

Being in the water for nearly four hours, the staff and cast of the drama showed concern for the actors. Park Shin Hye replied, "Everyone was worried because we were filming in cold weather, but once we got inside the water, the temperature became more bearable and I was able to focus on the scene. I'm thankful towards the consideration of the director and staff, from whom I gained strength."

Meanwhile, a fan-made video has been circulating the web and gaining attention from fans of the series. It features the complicated relationship of Cha Eun Sang and Choi Young Do to the tune of f(x)'s Love Hate.

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