‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ Episode 10: Kim Do Wan Saves Kang Han Na from Trouble

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My Roommate is a Gumiho Episode 10
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Kim Do Wan's kind gestures make Kang Han Na's heart flutter and warmed in "My Roommate is a Gumiho" Episode 10. 

Meanwhile, Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong are now a couple, and the lady has become clingy to the male gumiho.  

Hyeri Gets Her First Kiss from Jang Ki Young

After their school trip, Lee Dam (Hyeri) went straight to Shin Woo Yeo's (Jang Ki Young) office to see him because she missed him. She was, however, surprised when he pulled and kissed her passionately.

At first, the kiss was gentle and romantic, but it escalated as Shin Woo Yeo became aggressive. The male gumiho was also shocked about his sudden change of behavior.

Nevertheless, the kiss bothered Lee Dam, and she couldn't stop thinking about their first kiss.

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Shin Woo Yeo Starts to Crave of Human Energy

The only thing that Yang Hye Sun (Kang Han Na) could think about Shin Woo Yeo's condition is that once he starts to fall in love with a human, he also craves for more human energy.

Every time he touches Lee Dam, he can't help but be aggressive. The male gumiho tried his best not to get too close to Lee Dam, also his way of controlling himself.

Shin Woo Yeo came up with a solution and that is to keep distance from Lee Dam. The more they are near each other, Lee Dam will be in danger. This saddened the latter.

But being understanding that she is, Lee Dam agreed to Shin Woo Yeo's condition in order to protect each other from danger.

Bae In Hyuk Offers Himself for Free Hug Instead of Hyeri

In preparation for their university festival, the student council team where Lee Dam belongs was brainstorming the activity they would be doing. One suggested a free hug and those students who will line up to get a free hug will pay as a fee.

The other student council members pointed out Lee Dam to do the free hug, but Gye Sun Woo (Bae In Hyuk) offered himself instead of her. This was his way of expressing his one-sided love for his classmate.

Just like what he imagined, Lee Dam went to meet Gye Sun Woo and thanked him for his kind gesture. This made Gye Sun Woo's heart flutter.

Kim Do Wan Rescues Kang Han Na from the Bad Guys

Sitting comfortably in front of the campus, Yang Hye Sun was unbothered by the presence of the two male students who asked for her phone number. But when she refused, the two began to harass her.

Surprisingly, Do Jae Jin (Kim Do Wan) came and saved her from the harassers. They even had a small fight but Do Jae Jin was able to beat the two.

Do Jae Jin invites Yang Hye Sun to the after party of the student council. There, Do Jae Jin got tipsy and started to say another figure of speech. He was surprised that Yang Hye Sun understood what he was trying to say.

Do Jae Jin patted Yang Hye Sun's head and said that she did a great job in learning new things. Yang Hye Sun stuttered and her cheeks started to blush.

Did you enjoy Yang Hye Sun and Do Jae Jin's interaction? We bet most of you did! Let's continue watching them in the upcoming "My Roommate is a Gumiho" episodes!

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What can you say about Kang Han Na and Kim Do Wan's adorable, budding romance in "My Roommate is a Gumiho" episode 10? Share it with us in the comments!

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