Lee Kwang Soo’s New Disaster-Comedy Film ‘Sinkhole’ Confirms August Release

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Former "Running Man" member Lee Kwang Soo will meet the audience through the silver screen with "Sinkhole".

After his tearful farewell to the long-running variety show "Running Man," Lee Kwang Soo is expected to return on the big screen.

"Sinkhole" Set for Release in August 2021

Korean superstar Lee Kwang Soo will star in the disaster-comedy film "Sinkhole," alongside actors Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, and Kim Hye Jun.

Film production Showbox confirmed the release date of the movie will be in August 2021.

Sinkhole Synopsis and Characters

"Sinkhole" starts when a man's house falls down into a sinkhole in just a minute. It looks unbelievable for him since he spent 11 years in order to acquire his home.

Lee Kwang Soo is expected to portray Kim Seung Hyun, a co-worker of Park Dong Won. The "Night in Paradise" actor Cha Seung Won is Jung Man Soo. He lives in Chungwoon Villa, a cheap apartment building.

Lee Kwang Soo
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As a father who wants to give his son a good future, he works hard to raise his son alone.

Kim Sung Kyun plays as Park Dong Won, who works in a company and finally becomes a homeowner after almost 10 years, but a disaster happens and his home falls into a sinkhole.

But a bigger problem occurs. Park Dong Won and his colleague Kim Seung Hyun are stuck in the fallen house.

Joining the lineup are actors Kim Hong Fa, Ko Chang Seok, Kwon So Hyun, Nam Da Reum, Kim Jae Hwa, Oh Ja Hun, Na Chul, and Lee Ju Mi.

Will they be able to survive this disaster? Let's all find out once the movie is released!

Showbox Unveils "Sinkhole" Movie Poster

Production house Showbox also dropped a catchy poster for "Sinkhole." The portrait shows the aerial view of a sinkhole, emphasizing that it swept up the establishments around the area. The sinkhole is also surrounded by cars, which gives a contrasting vibe in the image.

"Sinkhole" began its production filming in August 2019 and finished last December 2020. After months of waiting, the viewers will finally have the chance to watch the highly-anticipated disaster-comedy film.

Kim Ji Hoon, who helmed "The Tower," is also the one who directed "Sinkhole."

"Sinkhole" marks Lee Kwang Soo's first silver screen appearance in 2021 following his departure from "Running Man."

As of writing, the film is already drawing excitement from fans.

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What are you most excited about Lee Kwang Soo's upcoming film? Let us know in the comments!

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