‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Episode 3 Scores Highest Viewership Ratings + Will Jeon Mi Do Open her Heart to Jo Jung Suk?

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Hospital Playlist 2 Viewership Rating
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"Hospital Playlist 2" keeps getting better and better every episode with its heartfelt stories and feel-good vibe from lead cast members Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung. 

With this, the smash hit tvN drama remained consistent in terms of viewership rating. 

Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 3 Viewership Rating

According to Neilsen Korea, Hospital Playlist 2 episode 3 garnered an average nationwide rating of 10.6 percent. 

This marks the sophomore season's new personal best and highest viewership rating to date. 

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Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 3 Highlights: Chae Song Hwa Asked Lee Ik Jun for Help

The popular medical K-drama "Hospital Playlist 2" featured how the five skilled doctors underwent very crucial and significant surgeries. 

In the latest episode, Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) told Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) about a patient in a different hospital who suffers from a critical case of liver cancer and desperately needs a transplant. 

Being daddy long legs, Song Hwa believes that the organization might help the patient financially. 

Unfortunately, there are many hurdles along the way, including the patient's refusal to receive his son's liver. 

In hopes of saving the patient, the neurosurgeon asked Lee Ik Jun to take a look at the medical case, which he immediately agreed to. 

Yang Seok Hyung Reveals Why He Chooses to Be Single

Hospital Playlist 2
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Hospital Playlist 2 episode 3 uncovered the reason why Yang Seok Hyung refuses to date. 

During his dinner date with his mom, Jo Young Hye (Moon Hee Kyung), he was asked about his personal life, including his relationship, and wondered when will ever have a girlfriend. 

It appears that Yang Seok Hyung is sick of being constantly asked about this matter, so he gets honest with his mother. 

The obstetrician-gynecologist told his mom that he likes being single and enjoying things independently. However, Jo Young Hye explained that everything gets better with being with someone you love. 

To smoothly end the discussion with his mother, Yang Seok Hyung asks the waiter for the bill. 

Chae Song Hwa Reflects on Her Relationship with Lee Ik Jun

After successfully treating the famous violinist, Yoo Gyeong Jin, due to her brain tumor, Heo Sun Bin warned Song Hwa that the patient's mother is eager to set up Chae Song Hwa on a date with her son. 

She then advised her to pretend that she has a boyfriend or that she is about to get married. 

One of the options is her best friend Lee Ik Jun. Sun Bin states that hepatologist surgeon would understand, given that they are super close. 

At the VIP room, the neurosurgeon meets the mother and daughter who was about to get discharged from the hospital. The patient's mother then introduced Song Hwa to her son. 

Unfortunately, she found herself in an awkward situation, but Yoo Gyeong-Jin's brother saved her by asking him to go out for a quick coffee. 

During their talk, he apologized for his mother's gestured and revealed that he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately, it was not approved by his mother; hence, she insists on meeting Song Hwa. 

Interestingly, the man told her that she was his best friend and shared that he feels great when around her. 

Moreover, Yoo Gyeong-Jin's brother went to asked the beautiful doctor if she has a best friend like that. 

Surprisingly, Lee Ik Jun appeared out of nowhere which made Song Hwa smile. 

This raises whether she should open her heart to his best friend and give Ik Jun another chance. 

Kim Jun Wan Receives Shocking News About Lee Ik Soon

Hospital Playlist 2
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Unfortunately, Hospital Playlist 2 episode 3 ends on a sad note for Kim Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho).

He received a call from Lee Ik Soon's friend and was told that she got into a car accident and had minor injuries, which got him worried.

Adding fuel to the fire, the cardiotoracic surgeon gets jealous upon hearing that she is leaving with his male best friend. 

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