‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Episode 4: Jung Kyung Ho Receives a Heartbreaking News + Viewership Rating Soar to All Time High

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Hospital Playlist 2 Viewership Rating
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Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 4 recap
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Hospital Playlist 2 episode 4 reached another major achievement lead stars Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung and Jeon Mi Do gave fans another round of heartfelt scenes.

As the popular medical K-drama continues to showcase the unique story behind the five doctors and staff at Yulje Medical Center, the audience and the Netizens have been lauding the Thursday night series on various platforms.

Hospital Playlist 2 Viewership Rating

Aside from being named the most buzzworthy drama by Good Data for two consecutive weeks, the tvN drama achieved another milestone for breaking its own highest ratings.

It came after "Hospital Playlist 2," episode 4 recorded an average nationwide rating of 11.0 percent and 12.8 percent in metropolitan areas, making it their highest viewership rating yet.

To recall, episode 3 garnered an average nationwide rating of 10.6 percent.

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Hospital Playlist 2 Highlights: Kim Jun Wan Worried Over Lee Ik Soon's Health

The medical K-drama starts with Kim Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho) learning about Lee Ik Sun's (Kwak Sun Young) car accident.

During their conversation over the phone, he insisted that she should get some rest and monitor her condition; however, she explained that everything is fine and will have to wait for the test results to arrive.

There's no doubt that Jun Wan is deeply worried about her girlfriend, who is miles away from him.

Do Je Hak and Kim Jun Wan Remains Hopeful for Eun Ji

During his hospital rounds, the thoracic resident Do Je Hak (Jung Moon Sung) finds out their patient, Eun Ji, has lost motor function and decides to call Jun Wan.

The cardiothoracic surgery​ then advised the resident to prepare for CT and advised the mother's patient.

Thankfully, the condition went stable, and Eun Ji's mother's function returned. As Jun Wan updates the mother, he gets honest and reveals that despite being in a stable condition now, this could happen again for Eun Ji given that she had a micro-embolism and emphasized that the time is running out for her.

As Eun Ji's mother heard the news, she broke down and admitted that she wanted to give up; however, Kim Jun Wan remained strong and hopeful that Eun Ji will soon get her heart transplant.

Kim Jun Wan Opens Up to Lee Ik Jun

Hospital Playlist 2 episode 4 mostly centers around Kim Jun Wan's challenges in work and relationships.

When Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) noticed that something was bothering Kim Jun Wan, he asked him to join him in his dinner.

As they continued their conversation, Ik Jun advised his friend to go easy on surgeries and get some rest; however, he revealed that he had a lot on his mind recently.

With this, Ik Jun sensed that it had something to do with his girlfriend.

At this time, he has no idea that Kim Jun Wan's girlfriend is his sister, Ik Sun.

After their conversation, he got a call from her sister and mentioned something about Kim Jun Wan.

He tells her sister that his girlfriend was selfish for not being considerate about his friend's status. Obviously, this hurt her feelings, and immediately said goodbye to her brother.

Kim Jun Wan Gets a Heartbreaking News from Lee Ik Sun

After wrapping up his consultation, Lee Ik Sun rings Jun Wan to call her at his office. Here, he predicts that something is bothering Ik Sun.

At his office, he rings his girlfriend and surprisingly reveals the bombshell news that he has fallen for someone else.

Of course, he apologized to Jun Wan, but he remained stunned and could not even talk.

Lee Ik Jun Finds Out About Lee Ik Sun and Kim Jun Wan's Relationship

During Lee Ik Jun and Kim Jun Wans coffee break, he was surprised that Ik Sun called her.

Based on the tone of her voice, the father of one felt that something is bothering Ik Sun.

Right then and there, she confessed that she's not feeling well. After getting the results, Ik Sun mentioned that her liver somatic index is above 300, which is relatively high, adding that her bile ducts are swollen.

Lee Ik Jun immediately advised her sister to get back to Korea asap.

She agreed to her brother's advice but told him not to tell everyone, including Kim Jun Wan.

Hospital Playlist 2 episode 4 illustrates how Lee Ik Jun discovered the duo's relationship.

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