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(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official Instagram Account)

Park Shin Hye never fails to surprise her fans with alluring photos seen on her social media. 

It came after the "Sisyphus: The Myth" star shared a series of snaps for an upcoming campaign shoot. 

Interestingly, the 31-year-old actress managed to share a glimpse of her life at work that caught the attention of her 11.8 million followers. 

In a sneak peek, Park Shin Hye's Instagram showcases the goddess-like visuals of the Hallyu star that flaunts her strong side angles. 

In one post, the "Doctors" star wore a spring-ready ensemble showing off her sexy back as she looked straight to the camera while slightly tilting her head. 

With a beauty like the South Korean actress, there's no denying that she aced the shoot, donning that angelic and stunningly gorgeous aura. 

Over Park Shin Hye's Instagram caption, she revealed that the campaign shoot was done under the intensely "hot" weather, advising fans to stay hydrated. 

"It's very hot. I'm melting, weak in the heat. Be careful of the heat and take care of your health!"

Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official Instagram )
Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official instagram)

It is safe to say that the 31-year-old South Korean beauty is among the few K-drama stars who regularly update fans on social media. 

With over 11.8 Instagram followers, netizens usually see the behind-the-scenes of her current drama and her latest endorsement. 

However, here's a rundown of three of Park Shin Hye's interesting posts seen on her Instagram. 

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Doctors Reunion with Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Min Seok

Park Shin Hye recently made her fans swoon over a sweet reunion between her "Doctors" co-stars Kim Min Seok and Yoon Kyun Sang. 

Over her IG snap, the "Pinocchio" actress posted a selfie together with the two actors, revealing why Lee Sung Kyung was not included in the photo. 

"Kang Soo and Yoon Do teacher Seowoo came late, so I don't have a picture," Park Shin Hye's Instagram caption reads together with the hashtag #nottoday.

Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official Instagram)

Following her IG post, this sparks fans' expectation whether the 2016 K-medical drama "Doctors" will return with a brand new season. 

Friends Support Friends

In another Instagram post, the Hallyu star showed her support for Lee Sung Kyung and Loco's new song titled "Love," which was released on July 4. 

On Park Shin Hye's Instagram, she shared the official poster track featuring the duo. 

Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official instagram)

"The encounter between my beloved Rocoberry and Bibli. I love this song," she wrote. 

As her OG fans would know, the 31-year-old actress maintains her close friendship with her "Doctors" co-star even after wrapping up the drama after almost five years. 

Hilarious Sisyphus: The Myth Behind the Scenes with Jo Seung Woo

Last but definitely not least is her series of hilarious IG photos with "Sisyphus: The Myth" star Jo Seung Woo. 

The Hallyu star often shares funny snaps on the set alongside her co-actor. 

Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official Instagram )
Park Shin Hye
(Photo : Park Shin Hye Official instagram)

In her previous interview, the actress once mentioned that she and Jo Seung Wooshares perfect synergy, adding that he's among the few people whom she relies on the set. 

"There were so many moments like that whenever he wasn't on set, I would wait for him. I realized how differently I acted when we filmed separately compared to when we filmed together."

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Written by Geca Wills

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