‘Check The Event’ Shares Sweet and Charming Photos of the Couple Girl’s Day’s Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon

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'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)

On August 3, MBC's upcoming drama series "Check The Event" unveiled new photo stills featuring the youthful and charming romance of Girl's Day's Bang Minah (most commonly known as Minah) and Mouse actor Kwon Hwa Woon.

'Check The Event' Releases Photos of Sweet Couple Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon

The newly released photo stills showcased the sweet and youthful relationship of Ha Song Yi (played by Minah) and Park Do Kyum's (played by Kwon Hwa Woon).

The two look happy to be in each other's embrace, their faces light up with affection and glee. They naturally showed their affection for each other while taking their photos together.

'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)
'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)

Ha Song Yi (Minah) and Park Do Kyum (Kwon Hwa Woon) appear to be very smitten and deeply in love with each other, and fans' curiosity once again rose on why their love went cold that resulted in their painful break-up.

Fans also made speculations and theories on what will happen between the two ex-lovers during their time together on the trip.

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The "Check The Event" production team shared that many people will be able to resonate to how Ha Song Yi (Minah) and Park Do Kyum (Kwon Hwa Woon) cope with the pain after breaking up.

'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)

They added, "The chemistry between Minah and Kwan Hwa Woon is much better than we expected. They created a perfect synergy and became more immersed in each other's characters and feelings."

'Check The Event' Drama Synopsis, Cast, and Further Details

"Check The Event" is an upcoming romantic comedy-drama about two ex-lovers who won a couples trip to Jeju Island in a lottery that they joined when they were still together. The two exes decided to pretend to still be together in order to travel to Jeju Island with the other winners.

'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)

The drama stars Girl's Day member and "Beautiful Gong Shim" actress Bang Minah as Ha Song Yi, a beautiful woman full of quirks and charms who works as a botanical garden coordinator while mending her broken heart and "Mouse" actor Kwon Hwa Woon as Park Do Kyum, a gorgeous and talented vocalist of an indie band and Ha Song Yi's ex-boyfriend.

'Check The Event' Bang Minah Stills
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Account)
'Check The Event' Kwon Hwa Woon Stills
(Photo : MBC )

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"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actor Ahn Woo Yeon will also be joining the cast as Seo Ji Kang, a writer who decided to work as a couple tour guide in order to observe couples and their dynamics, and eventually develops romantic feelings for Ha Song Yi.

Actor Ahn Woo Yeon in 'Check The Event' Drama
(Photo : MBC)

UP10TION member Lee Jin Hyuk, Nam Kyu Hee, and veteran stars Kim Young Sun and Kim Hee Chang will also participate in the drama.

'Check The Event' Production Team and Release Date

MBC Drama 'Check The Event' Official Poster
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Account)

The new romantic comedy drama is directed by filmmakers Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Han Jun and written by screenwriter Kim Tae Joo. It is produced by Big Ocean Entertainment and Supermoon Pictures.

"Check the Event" premieres on August 14 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

ICYMI, here's the refreshing teaser of "Check The Event". Watch it now!

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