‘Prison Playbook’ Cast Update 2021: Find Out Which Among the Cast Members Appeared in Multiple Cameos in Recent K-Dramas

Prison Playbook
Prison Playbook Cast
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(Photo : Jung Hae In Official Instagram)

"Prison Playbook" is probably one of the best K-dramas that will stay with the viewers forever and would never get tired of binge-watching.

Helmed by "Hospital Playlist" and "reply 1988" director Shin Won Ho, the rom-com drama gave the audience a phenomenal and heartwarming story with star-studded cast Park Hae Soo, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Kyu Hyung, Jung Hae In, Park Ho San, Choi Moo Sung and more.

Penned by screenwriters Jung Bo Hoon and Lee Woo Jung, it follows the story of baseball superstar Kim Jae Hyuk, portrayed by Park Hae Soo, who meets his unfortunate yet out-of-the-ordinary fate.

'Prison Playbook' Poster
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He was supposed to join major leagues in the U.S but was imprisoned after accidentally killing the attacker who attempted to assault her sister.

At the Seobu Penitentiary, he met several terrifying people with the most gut-wrenching cases but was able to build special connections not just with his cellmates but also the prison guards.

There's no denying that K-drama "Prison Playbook" deserved to make a comeback for the second season; however, tvN and Netflix have no confirmation up to this date.

Just in case you are itching for the most-awaited second season, check out what the "Prison Playbook" cast is up to now and who among them was spotted in multiple 2021 K-dramas.

Park Hae Soo as Kim Jae Hyuk

Prison Playbook
(Photo : Jung Hae In Official Instagram)

After the success of the tvN drama, he starred in two top-billed movies--this includes "Quantum Physics" and "Time to Hunt."

As for Park Hae Soo's upcoming K-drama, he is confirmed to appear in four series.

The 39-year old A-lister is set to lead the soon-to-be-released survival game "Squid Game" with Lee Jung Jae.

Squid Games
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram )

It is followed by the crime drama "Chimera" and Netflix's "Suriname."

Probably one of the most awaited Korean remakes this year is the "Money Heist" series, where he will take on the role of Berlin.

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Jung Kyung Ho as Lee Joon Ho

Prison Playbook
(Photo : Jung Kyung Ho Official Instagram)

In the drama, Jung Kyung Ho plays Kim Jae Hyuk's childhood friend Lee Joon Ho, who was disguised as his number fan, a.k.a stalker, given that they both had to conceal their connection.

Currently, the 37-year-old actor is starring in another mega-hit drama, "Hospital Playlist 2," portraying the legendary cardiothoracic surgeon Kim Jun Wan.

Hospital Playlist 2
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Apart from this, he is also set to appear in the movie "Apgujeong Report" with "Train to Busan" Ma Dong Seok.

Jung Hae In as Captain Yoo

Prison Playbook Jung Hae In
(Photo : Jung Hae In Official Instagram)

The South Korean heartthrob is among the K-drama stars who are booked and busy this 2021.

Jung Hae In's new drama includes Netflix's action-packed series "D.P" followed by "Unframed" and the highly anticipated K-drama "Snowdrop" together with BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

Jung Hae In -D.P Teaser
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Lee Kyu Hyung as Yoo Han Yang

Prison Playbook Lee Kyu Hyung
(Photo : Lee Kyu Hyung Official Instagram)

Versatile actor Lee Kyu Hyung played the chaotic yet well-loved Han Yang, a.k.a Loony in "Prison Playbook."

After starring in the comedy-drama, he headlined several remarkable series, including "Life," "Doctor John," and of course, "Hi Bye, Mama!" where he plays Jo Gang Hwa.

In 2021, Lee Kyu Hyung surprised many of his fans after he made a special appearance in several K-dramas.

Yuljems were stunned to see him as one of the patient's brother in "Hospital Playlist 2."

Lee Kyu Hyung
(Photo : Lee Kyu Hyung Official Instagram)

This was followed by another cameo in "Voice 4," "The Witch's Diner," and just recently in "Racket Boys" together with "Prison Playbook" co-star Jung Min Sung.

Choi Moo Sung as Kim Min Chul

Prison Playbook
(Photo : Jung Kyung Ho Official Instagram)

Who would forget the lovely cell boss Kim Min Chul, played by Choi Moo Sung?

After "Prison Playbook," he appeared as one of the main characters in "The Nokdu Flower," "Stranger 2," and his latest appearance was in the historical drama "Joseon Exorcist."

Park Ho San as KAIST

Fans get to see Park Ho San in his current drama "Penthouse 3," where he played Yoo Je Ni's ex-con father, Yoo Dong Pil.

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