‘Yumi’s Cells’ Still Cuts Transforms Ahn Bo Hyun as a Long Haired Game Developer Goo Woong

Yumi's Cells
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Ahn Bo Hyun
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(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)

TVING released another captivating still cuts featuring Ahn Bo Hyun's transformation in the upcoming K-drama "Yumi's Cells" opposite Kim Go Eun. 

Far from his signature heartthrob vibe, the 33-year-old actor revamped his looks and became a hippie long-haired game developer. 

In the drama, the "Itaewon Class" actor will take on the role of Goo Woong, whose eyes are only set to Kim Yumi, played by the "Goblin" star. 

His character is described as an "honest and straightforward" individual who is passionate about his job and takes his work very seriously. 

Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)
Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)

Despite his cold and frigid personality lies a warm-hearted person, especially to Yumi. 

Interestingly, he is also predicted to awaken Yumi's love cell with his charisma. 

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Ahn Bo Hyun on his Role in 'Yumi's Cells'

Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)

According to an outlet, Ahn Bo Hyun described his character with two words - "sincerity" and "innocence."

Moreover, he hints at the possible conflict between the other characters and Goo Woong.

"Some people might see Goo Woong as frustrating, or they might look at him and think, 'Why is he like that?'" he explained. 

Interestingly, he assured viewers that they would see a romance between the game developer and Yumi. 

"However, he only has eyes for one woman, and he's a straightforward go-getter who only thinks about the work he likes. He might only be fixated on one thing, but he's a character who does his utmost for that one thing."

When asked about the challenges recreating the character from the popular webtoon, the 33-year-old actor shared that he wanted to perfectly portray the "image that people think of when they hear "Goo Woong."

With this, he transformed himself and grew his beard, hair, and even had tan skin to match the description of the webtoon character.  

'Yumi's Cells' Release, Cast, and Synopsis

Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)

In the drama, Kim Go Eun plays the titular role of Yumi, an ordinary office employee who lives an extraordinary life. 

It came after she experienced a mortifying incident due to the shock of a failed relationship. 

Because of this, she suffered controlling her brain--even her thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions have changed--not until she meets Goo Woong, who is set to wake the love cell.

Aside from the duo, "Yumi's Cells" cast includes Lee Yoo Bi, who will play the relationship expert Rubi. 

She is joined by Park Ji Hyun as Yumi's rival Seo Sae Yi alongside GOT7's Jinyoung as Yoo Babi and "The Good Detective" actor Jung Soon Won as Chief Nam. 

Directed by "Shopping King Louis" PD Lee Sang Yeob and written by screenwriters Song Jae Jung and Kim Yoon Joo, the "Yumi's Cells" release date is scheduled on September 17 and can be streamed via tvN and iQiyi. 

Ahn Bo Hyun Upcoming Drama

Ahn Bo Hyun
(Photo : Ahn Bo Hyun Official Instagram)

Apart from his upcoming webtoon-based drama, the South Korean heartthrob will be seen more on the small screen with her forthcoming series. 

After "Yumi's Cells," Ahn Bo Hyun is set to lead the tvN's action K-drama "​​Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man," set to premiere in 2022. 

He was also casted as the main character in the action crime drama "My Name" with "Nevertheless" star Han So Hee. 

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