Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young’s ‘Dal Li and Gamjatang’ Reveals Drama Line-Up with New Character Posters Parodying Famous Paintings

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On August 30, broadcasting company KBS revealed "Dal Li and Gamjatang" (also called "Dali and Cocky Prince") drama line-up through new character posters parodying some of the world's famous paintings for its forthcoming romance comedy drama series.

The forthcoming drama stars "Do You Like Brahms?" actor Kim Min Jae and "The Devil Judge" actress Park Gyu Young.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Actors Flaunt Perfect Synchronicity in New Character Posters

On August 30, KBS unveiled new character posters of the final line-up of the newest rom-com drama "Dal Li and Gamjatang" starring actors Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young.

The actors of the forthcoming drama flaunted their synchronicity with each of their characters which raised curiosity and expectations.

First, Jin Mu Hak, the managing director of Don Don F&B, parodies the famous work of René Magritte.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

Jin Mu Hak wears a dapper suit and fedora as he stared straight ahead, as if showing his obsession with being rich. Potatoes replaced the tobacco pipe in the famous painting, which evoked laughter from prospective viewers.

Businessman Jin Mu Hak is played by "Do You Like Brahms?" actor Kim Min Jae.

Next, Kim Dal Li parodies Johannes Vermeer's famous "Girl with a Pearl Earring", which perfectly shows off her elegance and relaxed lifestyle.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

Kim Dal Li is played by "The Devil Judge" actress Park Gyu Young, which raises curiosity and anticipation as to what kind of charms and acting performance she will show in the forthcoming drama series.

Jang Tae Jin, the heir to Segi Group and uncle to Kim Dal Li, has transformed into a medieval aristocrat as he boasts his charisma as a modern conglomerate.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

His haughtiness and nonchalance add anticipation as to what kind of character he will be playing in the drama. Jang Tae Jin is played by "Let's Fight Ghost" actor Kwon Yul.

On the other hand, Kim Dal Li's friend and homicide squad detective Won Tak, wears a uniform and a cloak that attract attention through the fusion of classic and modern masterpieces.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

Won Tak is played by "Arthdal Chronicles" actor Hwang Hee.

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Chak Hee, a gallerist and a daughter of a National Assembly member, parodies Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine".

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

However, in the character poster, Chak Hee holds a cute puppy instead of an ermine, which causes prospective viewers to laugh in glee.

Ahn Chak Hee is played by MOMOLAND member and "Alice" actress Yeonwoo.

Finally, Jin Mu Hak's right hand woman and secretary, Yeo Mi Ri parodies Edvard Munch's famous "The Scream" painting perfectly.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

The screaming appearance of Mi Ri evokes both giggles and curiosity about her struggles as Jin Mu Hak's secretary.

Yeo Mi Ri is played by "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" actress Hwang Bo Ra.

The "Dal Li and Gamjatang" production team shared, "We presented various character posters which parody the world's famous and classic masterpieces. The new romance comedy drama aims to bring beautiful sights like a masterpiece, heart-fluttering romance, and laughter to its viewers."

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Production and Release Date

Dal Li and Gamja-tang Drama Poster
(Photo : Park Gyu Young Instagram | KBS)
Dal Li and Gamja-tang Drama Poster

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" depicts the romantic story between a man who has the amazing ability to flourish in the food industry and a woman who works as an art director of a museum who lives picture-perfect life.

It is helmed by director Lee Jeong Seop, the man behind the smash-hit dramas "Baker King" and "Healer" and screenwriters Son Eun Hye and Park Se Eun.

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" is slated to premiere for the first time on KBS2 at 9:30 p.m. KST on September 22.

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