Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ Starring Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan Successfully Gains 10 Million Viewers Days after Release

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Jung Hae In
Goo Kyo Hwan
Kim Sung Kyun
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The newly produced Korean series "D.P." is consistently receiving positive feedback and overwhelming support from international fans.

Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan's 'D.P.' Attracts 10 Million Viewers

After the drama had its world premiere on Netflix on August 27, "D.P." successfully gained 10 million viewers in less than six days.

According to a report from media outlet YTN, "D.P." is getting hot response from the countries that have conscription laws around the world. For they can relate to the story concept of the newly produced series.

Kim Sung Kyun
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The characters of An Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) and Han Ho Yeol (Goo Kyo Hwan) gave life to the story in which they are assigned to catch the deserters outside the barracks of the military camp. As it is their way of knowing each other, the two catchers also made various memories while on their mission. They were tasked to do something that they never knew existed in the camp.

Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan
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Due to its fresh concepts that are based on true life stories, and for its very talented cast, "D.P." is attracting more audiences both in the domestic and overseas. It tops the list of the most watched series in countries that have a conscription system like Korea.

DP New Drama Poster
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'D.P.' Shows Good Viewership Ratings in Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand

Aside from occupying the top spot on Netflix's weekly viewing rankings in South Korea, "D.P." proved its popularity by also topping the charts in various foreign countries. It ranked no.1 in Vietnam and Singapore, no. 2 in Thailand, and no.3 in Taiwan.

Goo Kyo Hwan and Jung Hae In
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It has been said that even before the series was released, Thailand was the first country to show high interest in "D.P."

In addition to the list, Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan's drama ranked no.9 on Netflix Qatar, a country who is also experiencing the same military system. Meanwhile, other countries where conscription systems are not present also show significant results when it comes to viewership ratings.

Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan
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Jung Hae In, Goo Kyo Hwan, and Kim Sung Kyun's Secret Mission

Meanwhile, if you missed the "D.P." squad, you can watch their latest "The Swoon" episode where they were tasked to do various missions. They also shared some happy moments while filming the show.

DP Cast
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Jung Hae In, Goo Kyo Hwan, and Kim Sung Kyun show off their playful sides in doing their assigned task. We bet you'll enjoy their adorable and hilarious interaction in their latest "The Swoon" video episode.

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Have you watched Netflix's "D.P."? What can you say about the story and the rapport that Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwang showed in the series? Share it with us in the comments!

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