‘Penthouse 3’ Episode 14 Spoilers: New Still Cuts Suggest a Happy Ending for Kim Young Dae and Kim Hyun Soo

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Penthouse 3 Episode 14 Spoilers
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

SBS dropped a sneak peek of the much-awaited "Penthouse 3" episode 14 featuring the romance of Joo Seok Hoon and Bae Ro Na, played by Kim Young Dae and Kim Hyun Soo. 

The broadcast network gave SeokRona shippers a heart-fluttering update regarding the duo's character development, hinting that they will be each other's end game. 

Will Penthouse 3 Finale be a Happy Ending for Joo Seok Hoon and Bae Ro Na? 

In the latest still cuts released by the broadcast network, Ro Na dons a happy face, implying that she's thrilled to see Seok Hoon. 

The same goes for the Cheong Ah Arts heartthrob, who expresses the same feelings towards her. 

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)
Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

The series of photos highlight their bright smiles as they greeted each other with eyes full of affection.

Interestingly, the teaser also showed how Ro Na and Seok Hoon bonded over their dinner date that ended with a romantic kiss. 

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

Amid the unfortunate deaths at Hera Palace, viewers celebrate the update on SeokRona, hoping that they will end up as a couple for the season finale.

To recall, "Penthouse 3" episode 13 revealed that Ro Na is about to leave South Korea and move to the United States to study at one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Juilliard. 

Prior to this, she met her father, Ha Yoon Chul (Yoon Jong Hoon), as the former doctor bid him goodbye to her daughter. 

Unfortunately, Ro Na did not know that Yoon Chul was struggling with his illness after saving her from the evil primadonna Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon.)

Their conversation got so emotional that she wasn't able to give her gift to her father. It was a pen with his name engraved alongside his title, neurosurgeon. 

Penthouse 3 Episode 14 Predictions

With only one episode left, viewers look forward to the surprising twists and turn in "Penthouse 3" episode 14. 

Here are some of the forecasts that might occur in the upcoming season finale. 

Shim Su Ryeon Frames Cheon Seo Jin

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

Penthouse 3 Episode 13 showed Shim Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) falling out of the cliff where Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) exactly died. 

The police grab Seo Jin, thinking that she pushed her despite her plea that she has nothing to do with the incident. 

However, several blog posts claim that this might be one of her plans to bring down the former primadonna. 

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Bae Ro Na Returns as a Top-Notch Primadonna

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

Given that Ro Na spent years in Julliard, it only means that her singing skills were honed and might be better than her mother, Yoon Hee, or even Seo Jin. 

In the latter part of episode 13, Bae Ro Na was seen performing at a grand arena in front of tons of audience, hinting that she is now a world-renowned prima donna, eclipsing Seo Jin's achievement.

Shim Su Ryeon Living as Na Ae Gyo

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(Photo : SBS official Instagram)

Another surprising twist seen in the last episode was Shim Su Ryeon donning her signature short hair. 

As the OG viewers would know, this is her alter ego, Na Ae Gyo's iconic hairstyle. The season finale stimulates the curiosity whether Su Ryeon will go under the radar and live as Na Ae Gyo after her incident with Seo Jin. 

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