‘The Veil’ Drops Behind-the-Scenes Featuring Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun and Kim Ji Eun Ahead of the Much-Awaited Premiere

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(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

MBC entices fans with a sneak peek of the upcoming Kdrama The Veil starring Namgoong Min, alongside Park Ha Sun and Kim Ji Eun. 

The mystery crime drama is making a buzz due to its intriguing visuals that piqued the viewer's interest.

KDrama The Veil Behind-the-Scenes Snippets Showcase the Lead Stars' Teamwork

In the latest update, the broadcast network released a series of behind-the-scenes stills, showing how the actors fully immersed themselves in their respective roles. 

In one photo, the man in uniform, Namgoong Min, flashed a beaming smile, hinting that the actor was having fun on the set despite an intense action scene. 

This was followed by another snap highlighting his serious side as the 43-year-old star totally engaged himself in his character and appeared to can't take his eyes off the script even during a short break.

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram Official Instagram)
The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

The same goes for his co-star, Park Ha Sun, whose eyes were glued to the script even during her glam team retouching her makeup. 

As soon as the camera rolls, the "temptation" star immerses herself in her role, proving her professionalism and dedication to her work. 

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

Meanwhile, rookie actress Kim Ji Eun shows off her eagerness to portray her role better by discussing the scene with Kdrama The Veil director Kim Sung Yong. 

On the other hand, the 27-year-old beauty is not afraid to display her playful side on the set as she strikes a pose and smiles in front of the cam while holding a pistol. 

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

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The Veil Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

The release of behind-the-scenes still cuts comes ahead of the highly anticipated broadcast of the mystery crime drama. 

Helmed by "My Healing Love" PD Kim Sung Yong and penned by Park Seok Ho, MBC Kdrama The Veil release date is scheduled to premiere on September 17, airing every Friday and Saturday. 

'The Veil' Poster
(Photo : MBC)

The spy-themed drama follows the story of a top National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent Han Ji Hyuk, played by Namgoong Min, who is popular among his peers due to his combat skills and a long list of his successful missions. 

Unfortunately, he found himself in the middle of a devastating ordeal after a traitor from his organization plotted his downfall. 

After a year of mysterious disappearance, Han Ji Hyuk returned to the organization with one goal of finding the traitor who is responsible for his destruction. 

His much-awaited vengeance is set to bring a conflict between his colleagues, including Park Ha Sun's character Seo Soo Yeon, the head of the Crime Information Center team. 

Apart from the duo, Kim Ji Eun took on the role of Han Ji Hyuk's field partner Yoo Je Yi. 

Namgoong Min Explains his Massive Transformation for His New KDrama The Veil

Following the confirmation of the cast and the release of still cuts, viewers were also stunned by Namgoong Min's physical transformation. 

Namgoong Min
(Photo : Namgoong Min Instagram Story)

In an interview, the versatile actor revealed that he purposely gained 10 kilograms to justify his character. 

"Since Han Ji Hyuk is NIS' greatest agent, I thought I needed a huge physique and strength that made it seem obvious he could overpower his enemies." 

In addition, he also shared his workout routine, which includes spending hours at the gym and practicing martial arts. 

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