Apink Eunji, Han Sun Hwa, Lee Sun Bin, and Super Junior Siwon Like Their Beer Cold in New Drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Posters

Work Later Drink Now
City Girl Drinkers
Drunk City Women
& Jung Eunji
Apink Eunji
Super Junior
Super Junior Siwon
Choi Siwon
Han Sun Hwa
Lee Sun Bin
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The upcoming TVING drama "Work Later, Drink Now" (also known as "City Girl Drinkers" or "Drunk City Women") released its fun-filled and alcohol-induced drama posters.

TVING's newest drama stars Apink member and "Cheer Up!" actress Jung Eunji, "The Uncanny Encounter" actress Lee Sun Bin, "Marriage Not Dating" actress Han Sun Hwa, and Super Junior member and "She Was Pretty" actor Choi Siwon.

Apink Eunji, Han Sun Hwa, Lee Sun Bin, and Super Junior Siwon to Portray Beer Drinkers in New TVING Drama

The newest TVING drama "Work Later, Drink Now", which is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, follows the story of the three women whose lives revolve around drinking beer after getting off work as a way of relieving stress and life disappointments.

Lee Sun Bin will take on the role of Ahn So Hee, a television scriptwriter. She is good friends with Han Ji Yeon, a yoga instructor who is played by Han Sun Hwa, and origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo, played by Jung Eunji.

Drunken City Women
(Photo : tving Official Instagram)
Drunken City Women
(Photo : tving Official Instagram)
Drunken City Women
(Photo : Tving Official Instagram)

Choi Siwon will take on the role of the variety show producing director Kang Bok Goo, who is also in the same circle as Ahn So Hee.

Drunken City Women
(Photo : Tving Official Instagram)

The refreshing and unique combination of the four actors, as well as their amazing acting abilities raise anticipation and excitement about the new series.

'Work Later, Drink Now' Unveils New Posters Featuring Jung Eunji, Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, and Choi Siwon

The forthcoming romance comedy drama released two new posters ahead of its big premiere.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

In the alcohol version teaser, the three lead actresses are enjoying their time as they raise a glass for a toast.

Siwon, who is the only man in the group, joins in on their celebration coyly, raising questions and curiosity as to what kind of relationship he has with the three beautiful and powerful women.

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The text in the poster reads, "Let's not push today's drinks for tomorrow."

On the other hand, the alcohol-free teaser poster displays the sister-like friendship between Jung Eun Ji, Han Sun Hwa, and Lee Sun Bin.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

The three bask in happiness while in a big, warm embrace. The three ladies also show their unique charms and refreshing styles, giving a glimpse of what their characters will be like in the new series.

The text in the poster literally translates to "A drama ends with alcohol."

'Work Later, Drink Now' Production and What We Know For Now

"Work Later, Drink Now" is produced by TVING. The production team assures the fans and viewers that the new drama will deliver comfort and fun with their relatable and engrossing drama.

The drama is slated to premiere in October.

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