‘The Veil’ Episode 1: Namgoong Min Returns After a Year of Disappearance + Drama Premieres With a Blissfully High Rating

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MBC's most awaited spy action Kdrama The Veil, starring Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, and Park Ha Sun, aired for the first time on Friday, September 17.

In the pilot episode, Han Ji Hyuk, played by Namgoong Min returns to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) after a year of suspicious disappearance to seek revenge from the traitor who betrayed him.

The Veil episode 1 recorded a high rating during its run, and is expected to continue to receive positive feedback from the public.

The Veil Episode 1: Namgoong Min Returns After a Year of Disappearance to Seek Revenge

Han Ji Hyuk, the top field agent of NIS who disappeared for a year, returns to the organization with a lost memory to find the traitor who dropped him into the abyss.

In the first episode aired on September 17, Han Ji Hyuk was found on a smuggled ship and was arrested by the Coast Guard. The top agent was covered with filth and blood.

The Veil
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As he returned to the organization, no one welcomed him and was given the cold shoulder. His colleagues and fellow spy agents thought he was long dead.

However, Ji Hyuk has lost some of his memory. In the medical examination performed on him, the traces of his memories were erased by a periodically small amount of medication. Because of this, he only remembers the memories he had with his colleagues a year ago.

Nam Goong Min in 'The Veil
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Thankfully, the second deputy director of the NIS overseas division Do Jin Suk (Jang Young Nam) performed a hypnotic treatment to regain Ji Hyuk's lost memories, as well as restore his position in the organization.

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With immense desperation, he tries to remember the lost memories but fails. In the end, Ji Hyuk was in pain. He isn't able to find any clue about the traitor who tried to kill him nor what happened that fateful day. Because of that, Ji Hyuk's resolve is to attempt to harm himself.

Seo Su Yeon Resents Han Ji Hyuk With Her Life

Seo Su Yeon (Park Ha Sun), the head of the crime investigation unit of NIS, hears about the news of Han Ji Hyuk's return.

'The Veil' Stills
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The crime investigation unit head shows a disdained attitude towards her colleague, who was the sole person who was accompanied by her lover Oh Kyung Seok (Hwang Hee), another colleague a year ago. However, Kyung Seok unexpectedly died. She then waited for Han Ji Hyuk, the only survivor.

The Veil
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Su Yeon's sarcastic yet impactful question "How does it feel to have fallen into the abyss?" raises expectations and curiosity.

Han Ji Hyuk Unravels the Secret Within the Organization

As Han Ji Hyuk's past seems to be taking shape bit by bit, his co-workers start to resent him as he rushes towards his goal.

The Veil
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Han Ji Hyuk heads to the Incheon Port to meet Kang Pil Ho (Kim Jong Tae), whom he believes is the only man who understands him in the organization, and asks for help.

Director Kang then hands over the gun he had at the time of his disappearance. After that, Han Ji Hyuk is assigned to the field support team with a new partner, Yoo Je Yi (Kim Ji Eun).

In the midst of this, Ji Hyuk sees a strange flickering light with regular intervals in the house opposite him, and figures the message through Morse code.

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'The Veil' Stills
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He then heads to where the code is leading him, and finds a mysterious USB which contains the messages that Han Ji Hyuk sent to himself before he lost his memory.

He said, "There is a traitor within the organization and I will find him."

The Veil Records a Blissfully High Rating With First Episode

The newest spy action Kdrama The Veil recorded an average of 12.2% viewership rating during its first broadcast, a high percentage that suggests a blissful run of the series.

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The Veil recorded a nationwide percentage of 8.2%. The production team of the drama wishes to continue receiving positive feedback from the public.

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